Providing customers with a great experience starts with having a terrific working environment for contact centre staff, so they have all the tools and motivation to serve people well.

      Five tips to help your contact centre

  1. Use automated skills-based routing to put customers through to the right team member, based on their area of expertise. This will reduce queues and frustration for all concerned.
  2. Let an outbound dialler help with the workload. This frees up staff to focus on key tasks and work in the most productive way.
  3. If you’re using multiple channels – phone, email, social media, etc, don’t run them as stand-alone silos. Provide one unified system so that the advisor can access the full customer journey, on their desktop. We’ve seen some horrors, like staff literally running between different desks to view the channels and piece together a customer’s journey up to the point they contacted them, while the client is holding on the phone! Unacceptable.
  4. Use performance management tools to monitor what needs improving and make changes before it becomes a major problem. For example, if there are long handling times implement another route like adding an IVR message providing a web link to your website to reduce contact traffic.
  5. Training and communication are vital. Don’t expect morale to be great if you’ve introduced new channels or the business is growing and changing but you’ve not offered training to address this. Use call recordings to see what issues need tackling and support your staff when making adjustments.

Sometimes small changes can make all the difference but when bigger, more costly improvements are required, consider the long-term benefits and don’t be put off – your staff and customers will thank you for it.

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