How often have you called an organisation that promised to complete a task, which was never fulfilled? It is a scenario that occurs daily and increasing numbers of organisations are finding that such incidents ultimately cost them money. As businesses seek to minimise costs, the back office has emerged as the buzzword for 2011 as a key driver of increased operational efficiency.

What is it like in your organisation? Is your organisation completing the tasks it promises its customers? Does your organisation have a mechanism for tracking and reporting on how well these activities are carried out? Put simply, the back office is the hardest-working part of your organisation where your business’s service requests get fulfilled. Management and measurement of this activity is a vital and growing topic.

Companies who have successfully designed software for the call centre have turned their talents to the back office, as businesses increasingly desire a streamlined operation for all customer touch points. Joining up the front and back office results in greater visibility of all the processes that make up your business.

Traditionally, CRM and enterprise application software were used to try to manage the requirements of the back office but as they were not designed for that purpose, they often fell short of satisfying its unique demands.

Over two years ago our research into the back office gathered some facts:

  • 70% of call centres rely on back office teams to complete customer transactions
  • Over 40% of back office activity isn’t measured.

As we continue to research this area, we predict that more and more companies will be focusing on back office to increase operational performance and reduce repeat calls in the call centre.

What should you do next?

We think that you should make the back office a priority in your business this year.