There are many advantages to using auto dialler software as part of an omnichannel solution.

Auto dialler software
It’s #LondonTechWeek and the latest statistics show that UK tech is punching above its weight on the global stage.* In our sector, contact centre software has come a very long way since we started designing and producing it over 30 years ago – and that includes outbound technology.

An outbound dialler, whether in the cloud or on-site, has to be flexible and user – and – customer-friendly.

Our R&D team is innovating exciting new ways to meet the needs of today’s contact centres (remote sites included!). Our next generation auto dialler software is being applied by our customers as part of their digital transformation strategy, to improve their customers’ experience.

Here are six ideas on ensuring that your outbound communications create the right impression with your contacts.

1. Think of it as customer service software, not a dialler – this will put you in the right position to leverage the full benefits. When planning how to use it, put yourself in your contact’s shoes. For example, align your message with their requirements and how you think it will be received, so the result has the best chance of adding value to them.
2. Use the dialler to build relationships – if the method doesn’t help them engage with you, stop and change it. Send a reassuring text, rather than a call, if you know this will be instantly seen and appreciated, perhaps if your recipient is short of time, for example.
3. Make the message simple and clear. The beauty of auto dialler software is that it can provide a fast, easy way to communicate. This benefit will be lost if the message is confusing or inappropriate. For example, a simple, friendly, appointment or payment reminder works via a text.
4. Use data you hold about your individual customers to create profiles. Try and group customers with similar profiles/requirements together. Then you can personalise messages relevant to them and create different auto dialler campaigns to reach each group. For example, people who prefer calls in the afternoon, those who like to receive a text etc.
5. Use our intelligent dialler with skills-based routing to make contact and then refer people to the appropriate advisor. You can identify who is making contact and automatically route them through to the best (live or automated) resource.
6. View real-time and historical metrics and use the insights and feedback to adjust operations, so that you can make proactive contact.

The heart of our next generation outbound contact centre management suite is the rostrvm dialler, with full SMS, email and IVM capabilities. It helps you manage, automate and measure outbound contact and you make contact at the right time, to the right place, with the right message. It ensures your dialling strategies remain compliant and maximises data yield.

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* Source: The Times, 10 June 2019.