Contact centre software - Trust RostrvmWe live in a world where, every day, new advances are made in technology to make things better. At Rostrvm, we have a great UK-based R&D team who innovate products to meet the needs of customers and provide them with exciting capabilities in communications. A key part of this is designing software that is user-friendly.

As our customers testify, having user-friendly contact centre systems improves efficiency and productivity – and they’re part of being able to offer a consistently good customer experience.
For example, the rostrvm scripting tool is useful and easy to follow through each stage of contact, so important messages don’t get forgotten but conversations still sound natural. Scripts can be modified using ‘drag and drop’, enabling advisors to keep up with changes in regulations and compliance requirements too.

You can hover over the rostrvm icons on-screen to see what they do, so you don’t have to remember it all in advance – and there are call and screen recording options, which are easily accessed and help with training and record-keeping.

As rostrvm can be integrated with other desktop applications advisors are presented with fewer screens and processes to go through to get to the data they need, reducing errors and enabling faster and smoother customer service.

Our performance management tools provide the freedom to fine-tune operations in the contact centre to meet business and customer needs and be proactive in tackling changing demands.

The bottom line is rostrvm provides the flexibility and functions to make your contact centre user-friendly for your customers too, whatever channel they prefer. With features like intelligent routing for fast connection with the right advisor, web chat, email and social media integration, they will find you responsive and easy to deal with.

Lastly, rostrvm is built to evolve and still be user-friendly as your contact centre needs change in the future. And while we believe in keeping things simple we always provide support every step of the way – why not talk to us and learn how you can trust rostrvm to deliver for you.