You want to provide great customer service AND meet your contact centre targets.

Be proactive, stay in touch and keep your promises by channel shifting with the rostrvm OutBound suite. rostrvm OutBound dialler provides everything you need to achieve highly successful results as part of your contact strategy.

Use a rostrvm OutBound dialler to handle some of the workload and reduce queues. Multichannel requests for contact can be fed into the dialler to deliver a fast, personal response to customers whilst managing and monitoring your most important resource – your agents.

Use channel shift to ‘meet’ customers on their chosen channel and take them to where you want them to be. For example, you can shift inbound calls to outbound text messages or emails, which provide the callers with a fast way to get the answer they need. This might be a link to your website where they can self-serve.

This ensures staff are only dealing with contacts that can’t be helped another way.

Even in contact centres that regard themselves as primarily inbound, 40% of all contacts are actually outbound – such as when returning calls and responding to emails, texts, social media etc. Is your operation struggling to handle these contacts? Are vital customer service promises, such as the agreement to call back, being missed or taking too long to be done – and are customers calling you again to follow up their recent contact?

Ensure call backs are done proactively – they can either be set up automatically by rostrvm OutBound’s redial rules or by the agents in the contact centre during an inbound or outbound call. A customer record can be marked for calling back at a prescribed date and time or alternatively within a specified time range.

The dialler presents an available agent with a suitable live connection at the right time, so they don’t waste a moment.

Where you’re replying to text-based inbound messages, it’s often quicker and more useful to the customer if you channel shift to phone. Did you know that answering an email by email takes at least three times as long as calling someone? Text ‘conversations’ take 3x as long as a phone call and ‘first-contact’ resolution rates can be poor. And web chat takes 5x as long as ringing!

Remember too that the written word does not have the same nuances as speech and can be misinterpreted – dangerous if you’re dealing with customer issues. Don’t neglect speaking to your contacts if you want to keep them.

Deploy rostrvm OutBound as part of your daily operation for long-term productivity gains and satisfied customers.

Rostrvm benefits

  • Integrates with all systems
  • Fast implementation and simple to use
  • Completely compliant and secure
  • Optimises agent performance with task blending
  • Calls are recorded for quality and training purposes
  • Real-time and historical performance management information allows you to measure business benefits and operational performance
  • Call-back features
  • Efficient and cost-effective

Rostrvm will ensure you keep your promises to your customers! Talk to us on 01483 494690


“Since using rostrvm OutBound dialler we’ve been able to reduce the length of time the team are spending chasing customers with phone calls and letters, and have seen a 300% increase in customer contact.”

Rostrvm customer