As we say on our home page, our contact centre software has been developed to overlay existing systems, which means we can help with pretty much anything – just try us!

Hosted or in the cloud, front or back office, inbound or outbound, rostrvm has the technology.

Yet how many contact centres are limping along with systems that don’t do what they want them to do? Changing things doesn’t mean you have to go into ‘Star Wars’ mode, fighting your way to an unknown future.

Whatever the issue is, we’ve found that sitting down with our customers and working through their challenges together produces great results. As we also say on our home page, it’s not rocket science but it does require knowledge and skill.

Our R&D team innovate and tailor-make using over 30 years’ experience to find the right answer and we’re focused on listening to you and your individual business requirements – we know that no customer is the same as another.

So if you’re struggling with a system that can’t do what you want it to do – or other obstacles that are preventing your contact centre from being all it could be, talk to us …

… Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away you may have noticed that the latest ‘Star Wars’ film has arrived! For those who follow it, Luke Skywalker has been found and we expect great things; the phrase ‘Don’t give up hope’ is uttered many times apparently.

Translated into the contact centre world ‘don’t give up hope’ is rather apt – we’re here to be your Jedi knight.