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In the first of our new blogs on reaching and delighting customers, Ken Reid – Director of Proposition and Product, explains how modern outbound dialler technology can reap benefits all round.

Why are outbound diallers popular again?

The new generation of outbound diallers can be set to reach your customers at the right time to achieve live connections and successful results – be that a sale, an appointment, a message delivered etc. Customers appreciate a carefully planned outbound call that’s relevant to them – it’s no longer about loading your dialler with a list of numbers and dialling repeatedly until you make contact – it’s about dialling more precisely with information your customer wants or needs to hear. Speak to us about Precision Dialling for details – it will reduce your costs.

What’s the business case for using an outbound dialler?

If your current manual outbound dialling is well organised than expect a dialler to double performance. If your operation is unstructured [for example agents choose to make calls from paper lists or a spreadsheet] then you could make a 300% productivity gain. Read our case studies for examples.

Where can productivity gains be found?

Our predictive dialler technology applies structure and management control to outbound contact campaigns using powerful data and process management facilities. Dialler functions that support targeted activity such as list filters, redial rules and preferred call times – together with agent support tools to ensure that conversations are handled efficiently – yield the largest gains.

For example, you can ensure call backs are done proactively – they can either be set up automatically by rostrvm OutBound’s redial rules or by the agents in the contact centre during an inbound or outbound call. A customer record can be marked for calling back at a prescribed date and time or alternatively within a specified time range. A prompt call back when promised ensures the customer doesn’t have to phone you and add to the queues and frustration.

Multichannel requests for contact can be fed into the dialler to deliver a fast, personal response to customers. The dialler presents an available agent with a suitable live connection at the right time, so they don’t waste a moment.

What new uses are there for outbound diallers?

Use channel shift to ‘meet’ customers on their chosen channel and take them to where you want them to be. For example, you can shift inbound calls to outbound text messages or emails, which provide the callers with a fast way to get the answer they need. This might be a link to your website where they can self-serve. It’s a great way to help customers and reduce call traffic.

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