Inbound call centreTo reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience of your contact centre, tackle how your staff use your systems and optimise desktops.

5 tips for desktop optimisation

  1. Customers hate slow service, so ensure that information that staff need is quick and easy to find and use. Now that customers are making contact via multichannel is all that communication available in one place or do staff have to scrabble around to access it? To improve productivity automate processes and, if you have a CRM, integrate it to provide a single customer view on all desktops. Use software like rostrvm DeskTop to simplify automation and implementation. It overlays your business’s existing infrastructure and cleans up messy desktops and IT systems to make them streamlined, faster and user-friendly.
  2. Dynamically route the transaction process. Data from front- and back-office systems can be integrated in real time and presented to the most appropriate person on their desktop, using skills-based routing (caller ID).
  3. CallGuide scripting system is linked with rostrvm inbound and outbound routing for seamless contact handling. The desktop scripts and prompts will support your contact centre advisors when they’re helping customers and ensure consistency and compliance.
  4. Make staff activity and performance visible at the individual, team and corporate level with detailed real-time and historical information displays. CallGuide is linked with the rostrvm management information system and will help your staff make informed decisions.
  5. Train staff so that they are confident when using your systems – not only will morale go up but so will customer satisfaction.

A smooth, structured approach to task management using optimised desktops will ensure that your staff remain motivated and can focus on maintaining positive customer relationships.

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