Affinion International, part of the Affinion Group, has opened an in-house outbound contact centre and expanded its outbound contact on behalf of its customers beyond expectations – and within a very short timescale – after installing software from UK-based Rostrvm Solutions.

Affinion International, which provides marketing solutions for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, insurance companies, utility suppliers and others, utilises a range of Rostrvm products to ensure its clients’ brands and benefits are marketed effectively. Martin Teasdale, Contact Centre Sales Manager at Affinion International, was tasked with the project and says, “The challenge was to get the in-house outbound facility and the team up and running in an extremely tight timescale of a matter of months.

“The fact that there was no in-house outbound team in January 2010 (it was all outsourced) and yet, by early April, it was fully functioning with exceptional results is testament to the sheer hard work and support given by Rostrvm as they work alongside us. Affinion International originally had 12 agents and, due to the project’s success, there are now 87 agents which is, in fact, the single largest outbound facility in the whole of the company. We have got a great team in-house and, allied to that, contact centre equipment which is taking us forward – our customers have asked us to roll out more campaigns now, with more lined up.”

Contact centre software at Affinion International includes rostrvm Outbound dialler; rostrvm CallGuide on the desktop, with full scripting tools to support agents through different types of calls; plasma wallboards to display team performance figures/other useful information; information/analysis tools for managers and Rostrvm’s voice recorder facility.

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