The latest release of rostrvm OutBound, the predictive dialler from Rostrvm Solutions, extends the relationship building features available to call centre agents and campaign managers.

High performance has always been central to the rostrvm dialler, but of equal importance is the system’s ability to help call centre agents to forge relationships with customers and prospects. For example, an initial call might require a follow-up call later to gather more details. The rostrvm dialler can help to build rapport with the customer by ensuring that follow up activity is ‘owned’ by the person who first talked to them – all driven by the call’s business outcomes, the calling campaign and the process flow created by the campaign manager.

And there are times when a follow-up call specifically needs to be made by another person; for example the contact centre’s business process may dictate that a call resulting in an order requires verification. In rostrvm 7.1 any recorded business outcome can automatically drive a further contact, such as a verification call, an email or a text message (SMS).

Ken Reid, Marketing Director, Rostrvm Solutions commented, “The role of the predictive dialler has changed dramatically over recent years. The old-fashioned dialler methodology was to make as many calls as possible, as quickly as possible, in the hope that enough calls would produce results. Today’s environment is much more subtle with campaign managers carefully controlling activity, reaching the target audience with a softer approach that uses the dialler algorithms to drive operational efficiency”.

The latest rostrvm release extends the call centre agent’s control of calls by providing a desktop ‘callback diary’ integrated with the rostrvm AdVisor softphone. This new diary management function means that the contact centre agent can see the call commitments that have already been set before making any new call-back arrangements and avoiding the risk of appointment congestion. New appointments can be set directly from the diary.

Reid continued “The diary facility is another component supporting modern outbound call centre practice – delivering optimum productivity whilst keeping promises to the individual customer”.

To learn more about rostrvm release 7.1 contact Rostrvm Solutions on 0800 6122 192 or contact us via the contact page.