Efficient performance management is the glue that holds your contact centre together; without it you’ll very quickly come unstuck with customers who expect fast results, often on a variety of channels.

To measure and manage effectiveness and to optimise the performance of your teams your solution should look at all aspects of the operation, including back office functions.

You will know if your workforce management is correct because you’ll have the right people in the right place at the right time, performing the right tasks and nurturing excellent customer experiences.

An automated performance management solution will ensure that nothing is missed but before selecting one check that you know what your business requirements are.

5 tips on choosing the right solution

  1. Your demand forecasting needs to accommodate everything you cover – inbound and outbound, as well as emails, social media and other channels.
  2. Are you able to plan resources based on staff skill, proficiency and business rules, then configure ACD routing from it?
  3. Does it give you a range of options to suit the needs of different users? Scheduled, simple reports may be all some require, while powerful analytics will provide detailed metrics and operational information. Business outcome and real-time and historical management information will be necessary for analysis and forward planning.
  4. Do you require additional features like Personal Wallboards, so you can make real-time performance visible to staff – and Call Recording and Surveys for quality assessment and training purposes?
  5. Look for a flexible performance management solution, which will evolve with your needs and can be adjusted to cater for peaks and troughs in demand and facilitate staff blending.

A robust performance management solution will enable you to make informed decisions about resources, costs and actions so that you can continually enhance business processes.

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