Rostrvm Solutions is growing fast as more organisations choose to deploy our omnichannel contact centre software. We’re delighted to welcome Terry Gray, who has joined us to help customers optimise their investment in rostrvm and achieve successful business outcomes.

About Terry and contact centre solutions

Terry Gray joins Rostrvm Solutions

Some of you may know Terry already and he certainly has the right experience to help.

He has worked in both the contact centre software sector and the broader telecommunications industry as it has transformed, driven by new technological advances.

Terry says, “I’ve worked for organisations with multichannel contact centres as part of their portfolio and, whenever I met a rostrvm customer, I knew that they couldn’t be persuaded to change supplier. The company and its solutions have a reputation for quality and reliability, so when the opportunity presented itself to work here, I jumped at the chance.”

Terry already knows about rostrvm as he used to be a call operator and trainer at BT when they utilised it to handle emergency calls. He has worked closely with NHS, Housing Association and Education clients. He says, “I know that, when looking for a contact centre solution, once you get past the flashy animations of a sales presentation, you just want something that you can trust and is easy to use. I believe that few can match the versatility and proactive contact capabilities of rostrvm.”

A focus on end-users, customers and the right outcomes

Terry adds, “I think that, when discussing products and services with potential customers, too many business development executives focus on the features and benefits of their own proposition. That’s important, but ultimately it’s about the people using the platform; they should be concentrating on delivering the outcomes needed to meet their business and customer requirements.”

Peter Brown, Sales & Marketing Director at Rostrvm Solutions, said: “Terry has all the experience to be able to add value to discussions on contact centre systems, features and services. He has a friendly and interested attitude, making it easy to explore ideas and plans right from the early stages.”

For further details, Terry would like to hear from you. Contact him on 07713 988535 or email: