Contact centres are increasingly looking for the flexibility of being able to buy the call centre functionality that they need, only when they need it, allowing them to keep up with changing market demands whilst carefully managing budgets.

Telefocus, part of the Hertfordshire Ltd Group of companies, delivers call centre services to clients in sectors including consumer credit, financial services and the mail order market and has recently invested in the rostrvm call centre software suite. The rostrvm multimedia contact management solution enables Telefocus to retain the investment already made in its existing infrastructure whilst enhancing it and providing a powerful technology platform upon which to grow and diversify.

Telefocus has chosen to make a significant capital commitment to the new contact management suite for its primary business requirements, but was looking for a more flexible approach to future expansion and multi-media delivery. Rostrvm Solutions’ pay-for-use software service allows Telefocus to match costs to revenue: it can ‘scale up’ and add more agents to its operation or ‘scale down’ at any time, depending on customer demand and call traffic. It also enables the business to test new technology and push the boundaries of its client offering. This approach gives Telefocus the commercial flexibility of a hosted offering but, as the technology is completely under their control, gives Telefocus complete control and the ability to deliver bespoke services to its clients.

Neil Taylor, Managing Director of Telefocus, says, “We needed future-proof technology to provide the business with commercial flexibility in support of future growth, but we also wanted more direct control over that technology – the previous hosted technology services did not give our in-house IT support team the ability to deliver the bespoke service that clients demand.”

Ken Reid, Marketing Director at Rostrvm Solutions, commented, “Rostrvm provides a ‘future-proof’ software service where contact centres can access software as a service on a ‘pay as you go’ basis or choose to buy it outright according to the current demands and future needs of the business. Telefocus has chosen a balance of the two by adopting our flexible package on top of their significant capital commitment. Our modular software package can be easily changed as business needs change.”

About Telefocus Limited

Founded almost 30 years ago, Telefocus is a flexible outsource call centre provider of high performance inbound and outbound, direct to consumer, service and sales campaigns. Using the telephone to promote the highest standards of quality customer contact management, the business tailors its services to provide excellent, cost effective marketing solutions. In the last two years alone, Telefocus has achieved over 900,000 sales of client products and services. The business has a relationship portfolio featuring clients in the financial services, consumer credit and mail order market sectors amongst others. Telefocus is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, accredited both with Investors in People Status and as an NVQ training centre. The business is also Consumer Credit Licensed and Directly Authorised under the Financial Services Authority. Telefocus was named Avanta TNG National Employer of the Year for 2009 in a ceremony at the Houses of Parliament and employs around 250 staff. Telefocus is situated in Flitwick, Bedfordshire and is part of the Hertfordshire Ltd Group of companies.