This festive season use Next Generation multichannel contact software to give your customer service some sparkle. And if your contact centre doesn’t have it but you want some after reading this, you know that song ‘All I Want For Christmas’ … !

5 ways to feel festive using Next Generation multichannel

Sparkling Next Generation multichannel contact

Here are 5 benefits of using Next Generation multichannel contact software that will put a smile on your customers’ faces – and yours. 

1. Your customers can contact you easily and get answers fast because your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu gives them relevant options – not choices restricted by the tech you have.
2. Multichannel capacity is reducing queues – these days customers expect to be offered the option to have a call back or self-serve if there is a call queue. Provide Chat on your website and details on your IVR of a link where they can get answers online – and perhaps social site details if relevant. Call-back systems – like being able to hang up but maintain their position in the queue – or leave their details to receive a call back at a later time – will enable customers to get on with other things and stop them feeling frustrated.
3. Intelligent contact routing puts customers through to the best advisor to help them using information like called number, calling number, email address, email subject, date and time etc and your business rules.
4. You and your colleagues will have the confidence to solve a customer’s issue because everyone has a user-friendly, joined-up system, which provides a single customer view so data is quickly available.
5. Advisors are working alongside an automated dialler linked to CRM. Use the dialler to optimise staff resources – as well as feeding advisors calls, the dialler can be set up to take the strain by making straightforward appointment and payment reminders etc. They can also be texts and emails.

We’ve been in the business for over 30 years so, if you need some advice on achieving sparkling Next Generation customer contact, we’d love to hear from you. The timeline shows why we’re ‘Next Generation Innovators’ – take a look!

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