AuditLog multichannel contact recording

You want your business to be compliant, efficient – and given the thumbs up by customers and contacts. Call and screen recording makes it easier to monitor all communications.

AuditLog contact recording supports the quality monitoring process and will help your contact centre be fully compliant and proactive. It will record contact on every channel you and your customers communicate on; it records multichannel.

For training, quality monitoring and compliance

Even if your ‘conversations’ are carried out across different mediums – web chat to email to telephone call and back again – you can record them as part of your quality management monitoring.

User-friendly AuditLog enables you to play back recordings from inbound and outbound contacts, regardless of the channels used. Users with appropriate permission can retrieve recordings for replay from any browser or from their phone.

AuditLog has a powerful, user-configurable contact retrieval search engine to let you analyse activities in the way that your business needs.

Break down silos and gain the full picture by being able to view every step of your customers’ journeys; listen to recordings and see text in messages and emails.

Inbound call centre - auditlog contact recording

For example, “Liam’s” conversation with you may have started on WebChat, continued on email and have been completed via an outbound call. You can locate this on AuditLog. Clicking on a leg of the ‘conversation’ will give you the detail and you can play back the telephone call recording or view the related text such as the email trail.

There are points in calls where recording needs to be turned off or paused – for example when capturing sensitive data such as credit card information. No problem. AuditLog is tightly integrated with our rostrvm CallGuide scripting and process control application for intra-call control. Automated functions can be dropped into the CallGuide scripts to stop or pause call recording at the appropriate point of the workflow and support your compliance processes.

For ease of use and flexibility

rostrvm AuditLog is a server-based contact recording system which is an integral part of the rostrvm Invex product suite. It’s fully integrated with the rostrvm Management Information database.

  • Contact recordings are retrieved using the rostrvm Manager portal. rostrvm Manager gives you multiple routes to access recordings; route filters can be used individually or in combination.
  • AuditLog also includes a telephone call-specific search tool to retrieve calls on ‘standard’ parameters: date and time, agent ID, caller ID, call queue, campaign etc. Calls can be tagged with any other data captured during contact as well, for example the caller’s postcode.
  • Engagement history is stored in the password-protected rostrvm database, with telephone calls encoded in GSM format (as used in mobile phone networks). For long-term storage and retrieval, recordings are archived to external databases, which can be transferred to secure storage on or off your data network.

If you already have a voice recorder … that’s not a problem but bear in mind that AuditLog records everything – multichannel, not just voice, so you might want to upgrade! However, our rostrvm ethos is to work with and enhance your current technology – so talk to us and we’ll see how best to help. Our core engine is integrated with a wide range of recording systems from leading providers.

The rostrvm voice and screen recording calculator provides an estimate of the server storage space required for your contact centre voice and/or screen recordings. Access the calculator here.