DeskTop – Banish the ‘DeskTip’

The proliferation of information in any organisation has led to the implementation of tactical business management applications and CRM systems to support specific activities.

But little thought is given to properly thinking through the needs of those who will be using them. We see it every day – technology silos forcing users to flick between mainframe screens, cut and paste from one database to another, update ad-hoc spreadsheets, scribble down information and stick notes to the computer screen. The work area isn’t a desktop – it’s a desk tip.

rostrvm Desktop addresses one of the biggest easily-resolved business problems – working efficiently with this myriad of legacy IT and existing processes.

rostrvm DeskTop is the flexible and practical way to support the people in all  parts of your business to work effectively and to make their performance visible.

rostrvm DeskTop overlays your business’s existing investments making them streamlined and usable, so staff can do their jobs well.

  •     Rationalises disparate and messy desktop environments and makes them easy and quick to use.
  •     Simplify information navigation to help your people to complete tasks more efficiently.
  •     Significantly reduce processing time.
  •     Improve information capture quality and consistency.
  •     Available on site or hosted in the Cloud.

We hate the ‘mashup’ term as it doesn’t do us justice, but rostrvm Desktop can be considered as delivering workgroup and enterprise-level mashups of your operation-critical information.

It has been designed for fast, cost-effective deployment on-site or in the Cloud, overlays any PC desktop environment and provides quick, tangible results.

It rationalises disparate and messy desktop environments and makes them easy and quick to use. It guides your people through the work process to ensure they do what they need to do in the most efficient way.

Desktop also makes activity and performance visible at the individual, team and corporate level with rich real-time and historical information displays.