CallGuide – Supporting Call Centre Agents

rostrvm CallGuide helps our call centre clients to do their jobs well by making complicated IT systems easy to navigate whilst ensuring due process is followed and that rich, business orientated management information available to those who need it.

The challenges facing the contact centre are more complex. Inbound calls can result in callbacks – outbound calls lead to inbound responses – emails lead to telephone calls and your customers might like to receive a text message to confirm a completed activity. Customer interactions are less routine, more challenging and time-consuming. The tools that the agents need are less about dealing with the mechanics of transactions and much more about maintaining good relationships using all the available information no matter where that data is held.

CallGuide is much more than simply presenting scripts to your call centre team. CallGuide supports your call handling process through scripts, prompts and desktop application integration.

Unlike standalone scripting systems the integral linkage with the rostrvm inbound & outbound call routing and rostrvm management information system means that the single CallGuide interface can

  • Provide context sensitive scripts based upon telephony data, contact details such as email address and business information.
  • Personalise scripts for teams and individual agents to support champion-challenger processes.
  • Dynamically route the transaction process through user responses, real-time activity and external data.
  • Generate business-outcome management information to complement operational performance statistics.
  • Integrate with multiple desktop applications.