BackOffice – Optimising business processes

rostrvm BackOffice gives the non-customer facing areas of your organisation the comprehensive operational support and management information usually reserved for your contact centre.

Disparate systems, varied activities and multiple processes make the back office environment complex and difficult to measure. rostrvm BackOffice consolidates desktops, tracks activities and provides management information to give you control of your back office as a whole and drive productivity and process improvement.

  • Rationalise messy desktops and simplify navigation to help your people to increase work throughput.
  • Drive efficient work distribution and task processing with well defined and measured service standards.
  • Significantly reduce work processing time and unit costs while improving quality and consistency.
  • Guide your people through defined and measured business processes as they concentrate on the interaction with your customers.
  • Ensure that your processes are streamlined and continually improved to maximise quality and business performance.
  • Know what you’ve done and what needs to be done with timely and relevant information about business and quality metrics in real-time and historical formats.
  • Tailored and accessible wallboards, dashboards and reports for your staff, supervisors, business managers and executives.

rostrvm BackOffice can be implemented as a standalone solution or in conjunction with your call centre systems to give you complete customer lifecycle management from first call to fulfilment.

Quick, easy and cost effective to deploy on-site or in the cloud, rostrvm BackOffice monitors your people, processes and systems to make operational and business performance visible.