Inbound and Outbound contact centre solutions

rostrvm with or Microsoft Dynamics at the heart of your contact centre

If you wish your contact centre was equipped to enable you to provide a better and faster service, look no further. rostrvm can be integrated seamlessly with CRM systems so your team can have instant access to all the information they need to give great customer experiences.

rostrvm has the enterprise features you want from call handling and contact centre software, is straightforward to deploy and will increase productivity. Whether you work single or multichannel, inbound/outbound, your team will be able to provide a fast, efficient and personal service on the right channel at the right time.

With rostrvm integrated with your CRM, your advisors will be able to view the relevant customer records and information via a screen pop right from the start of each contact – no more switching apps and hunting around for information! And you’ll see a higher Return on Investment.

Use rostrvm to improve your activities and campaigns, whatever they are; from enquiries and transactions to sales, renewals, collections and reminders.

Benefits at a glance:

  • rostrvm is easy to implement, use and navigate.
  • rostrvm’s capability to reduce queues of inbound traffic and use live data to route contact to the right person will please customers.
  • It provides slick contact handling with fast access to data – your team will be able to reach more connections effectively and provide a personalised customer experience, across all channels.
  • Enjoy access to performance management information, including rich dashboards and reports, all integrated with CRM.
  • Easier management of complex sales channels.
  • Driven, value-added activities and outcomes.
  • Prioritized, high-value contacts for maximum profitability.
  • Improved issue resolution.
  • Increased effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

The rostrvm DeskTop can be tailored to work with CRM to suit your business requirements; whether your system is general SRM such as or Microsoft Dynamics, an industry-specific account management package or an in-house system, rostrvm has the APIs and interfaces to make integration easy.

You might want the ‘out of the box’ solution for light-touch agent control and business outcome capture – or an ‘all singing, all dancing’ integration with configurable agent scripting and dynamic contact support.

Why not have a chat with us about it – you’ll be surprised how flexible rostrvm is and we offer proactive support based on solid experience.

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