Desktop optimisation

The proliferation of information in any organisation has led to the implementation of tactical business management applications and CRM systems to support specific activities.

But little thought is given to properly considering the needs of those who will be using them. We see it every day – technology silos forcing users to flick between mainframe screens, cut and paste from one database to another, update ad-hoc spreadsheets, scribble down information and stick notes to the computer screen.

  • rostrvm DeskTop cleans up the messy desktops and awkward IT systems that slow your people and your business down
  • rostrvm BackOffice is used by the people in your business who would benefit from a more structured, proactive approach to task management and better management information
  • rostrvm CallGuide supports your contact centre people to do the best job they can when they are serving your customers

rostrvm Desktop high level function summary


Rostrvm Solutions Limited – White PapersDesktop applications survey

We conducted a survey of UK contact centres to gain a ‘real world’ insight into desktop complexity in the contact centre and supporting ‘back office’ operations. The results of our survey are available here.