Multichannel capability

Call it multichannel or omnichannel the point is that your business will have customers and contacts who want to communicate their way, whether it’s on their phone or online.

Be ready with a multichannel contact centre. Integrate channels and provide a seamless service on-site or in the cloud.

Email, text, chat, social … don’t run your channels in silos. Invest in contact centre software which enables you to integrate them so that you can see and work on each channel in one place. This avoids staff making errors because they’re switching between piecemeal apps and it also provides customers with a seamless, faster service.

It also means you can use performance metrics to monitor and adjust performance across all channels and utilise blending to accommodate peaks and troughs in contact volumes.

You can also channel shift to meet contacts where they are and take them to where you want them to be. For example, to reduce your inbound queue, use Interactive Voice Messaging to tell callers how to find an answer on your website or, if they send you an email, utilise dialler technology to call them back and add that personal touch.

When you really know your staff you can also take full advantage of intelligent contact routing, so customers are directed to the best person to help them and aren’t passed around the contact centre, regardless of the channels they use.

Rostrvm benefits

  • Integrates with all systems
  • Fast implementation and simple to use
  • Completely compliant and secure
  • Call-back features
  • Optimises customer service performance with task blending
  • Calls and online contact are recorded for quality and training purposes
  • Real-time and historical performance management information allows you to measure business benefits and operational performance
  • Efficient and cost-effective

User-friendly rostrvm will help you delight customers, increase employee satisfaction and achieve business success.

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“By bringing in the rostrvm system we’re saving a phenomenal amount of money. It’s the project that gives the biggest value for money in Midland Heart now.”

Gary Hardy, Head of Income, Allocations, Property Sales and Tenancy Standards, Midland Heart