Flexible remote working inbound and outbound

Enabling contact centre staff to work remotelyEnabling contact centre staff to work remotely, whether from home or another location and using single or multichannel, is easy with rostrvm and you don’t have to be technically minded.

As long as a person has access to the internet they can still log in to the same system they use in the contact centre, wherever they are. And they can work on web chat, social media etc. as well as calls.

SIP-based software enables them to control calls and receive screen pops on their PCs so they can do the same job as if they were in the office; they won’t need to worry about the technical aspects.

The rostrvm ScreenPhone is a softphone which converts a multimedia PC and headset into a fully-functional telephone, supporting contact centre activities like ACD call queuing and interfacing to a predictive dialler system, such as rostrvm OutBound. ScreenPhone is not obtrusive – when the person isn’t on the phone, ScreenPhone is simply an icon in the desktop system tray.

Remote working provides great versatility and convenience: the contact centre remains operational at all times (and it can even save on office costs); staff have the benefit of working from home – and the customer receives an uninterrupted service.

Why not have a chat with us about it – our flexible products can make your operation flexible too.

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