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CallDirector – Intelligent contact routing2018-01-24T13:59:50+00:00

CallDirector – Intelligent contact routing

rostrvm CallDirector is an intelligent contact routing engine that understands caller desires and makes call routing decisions based on business information.

CallDirector – Intelligent contact routing – improves the call routing performance of your call centre and enhances the capability of your existing systems.

  • Improves contact routing performance by relating information such as called number (DNIS), calling number (CLI), email address, email subject, date & time etc. to direct contacts to the most appropriate resource using your business rules
  • Integrates with your existing automation devices such as IVRs, Natural Language Recognition Systems, Email Handlers and Web Sites to identify callers and understand their desires
  • Uses individual caller information and business data to support sophisticated call routing rules and deliver personalised services.

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