Inbound contact

Make multichannel Inbound contact straightforward for everyone.

rostrvm’s powerful, reliable, set-and-forget inbound Automatic Call Distribution provides intelligent contact routing for telephone calls, email and web chat. To reduce abandoned calls it makes it easy to get your customers and prospects to the right person at the right time – with the right support too.

Right call, right agent, right time

Send your calls left, right, up, down or anywhere you please based on dialled number, caller ID, IVR key presses (press 1 for this, press 2 for that), day of week or time of day. Define skills and automatically route calls to the most appropriate agent. Play announcements, or just put calls straight through to agents. Offer to call your customers back if it’s busy with rostrvm QueueBack.

The right support

Use caller ID to find your customer’s account number and let rostrvm bring up your customer’s details before your agent even answers the phone. Use rostrvm CallGuide to deliver a rich, supportive call-handling environment to empower your agents. Nice and smooth and easy

You wait 30 minutes for a call and then they all come at once

Not any more. Flatten those peaks and fill those troughs with rostrvm QueueBack. QueueBack grabs your callers’ numbers when you’re working flat out and calls them back when your agents are twiddling their thumbs (sorry, agents).

That warm fuzzy feeling

Let callers know they’ve got the right number with an upfront welcome message. Play comfort messages when calls are queuing. Re-recording your announcements is a breeze too.

You now have 3 options

Direct your calls in response to key presses with our full IVR capability.

Press #*#* to get me out of here

Don’t like putting your customers into voice-jail? Then forget about IVR and just let rostrvm hand the call to the first available agent.

The right agent at the right time

Want a little more finesse than a simple “I’m free, give it to me”? Use skills-based routing to send the call to the best agent to handle it, not just the first one available. Or mix the two concepts, choosing the best available agent at quieter times, and the first available agent at busy times.

Opening hours are 8am to 7pm on weekdays and 9am to 1 pm on Saturdays

Time-of-day and day-of-week routing is easy, allowing you to send your calls to different places at different times. Play a message announcing your office hours. Let the caller leave a message. Send your caller to your Australian call centre. It’s easy to set an Emergency flag too, in the event of an evacuation of the call centre, which will play a special message to anyone who calls during the evacuation.

Slice and dice those stats

Use rostrvm Supervisor to see exactly what’s happening in your contact centre, historically or in real time.

Set and forget or define and refine?

Once you have rostrvm in your contact centre you can set it and forget it. Or, even better, you can use rostrvm to try out new ideas. You can start out using one of our template call routing schemas, and then refine the way things work to exactly meet your contact handling needs.

We don’t make you work around our call centre technology. It works around you, dovetailing with your existing back-end systems, telephony and business processes to produce a seamless solution that meets your requirements.

And you are never on your own

If you need help or just want a chat to talk through your ideas simply contact us. We’re here to help.