The latest rostrvm release provides our users with a key new feature to keep their customers happy – Precision skills-based dialling.

Skills-based dialling adds to the armoury of precision tools available already to the campaign designer and dialler manager using rostrvm.

What is Precision skills-based dialling?

Precision skills-based dialling is all about ensuring that each of your customers speaks to the advisor best suited to their issue so that they can be precision_predictive_diallerhelped quickly and easily. Because if there’s one thing we all hate it’s having to repeat ourselves and spend extra time explaining because the advisor we’re speaking to either doesn’t have the information or knowledge to answer our enquiry.

How does it work?

Precision skills-based dialling involves taking information contained in each dialling request, matching it, then sending the call to the advisor best suited to answering that customer’s needs.

For example, if you are calling people who have abandoned their basket on your website then you can ensure that the advisor selected to call them back is skilled in the products in the basket. If you are responding to an abandoned quotation on your website, you might match dialler skills with the prospect’s area of interest; or, if you’re dealing with a CallBack request from your inbound call centre, you might match the outbound skill to the caller’s original queue – that is, match inbound and outbound skills.

rostrvm will help you do this and achieve seamless communications using Precision skills-based dialling.

You can learn more about the benefits of Precision Dialling here.