Hosted contact centreRostrvm is celebrating 30 successful years in the contact centre industry and we’ve been involved with many changes and innovations over that time. The biggest, of course, is the internet and digital-based services such as the Cloud.

Following on from our last blog about replacing or upgrading outdated systems, the natural question for contact centres is: What can Cloud offer us compared to traditional services implemented on-site?

Whilst it used to be considered that Cloud contact centres delivered lower functionality than on-site that assumption is no longer true. Cloud hosted contact centres now offer all the features of an on-site system.

Each set-up has its merits depending on your operational needs. Before making any decision on a service you should have clear aims and a strong vision of your required business outcomes.

If you have well-supported technology and you are delivering a quality service to your customers and prospects already then moving to the Cloud might not be the correct thing to do. Equally, there are some industry sectors where businesses just want to be in control and prefer an on-site system. If you already manage your own IT but want to upgrade for greater functionality, then including software like ours in your existing set-up is easy.

If your technology is outdated or you plan operational changes such as multi-location working – or you need to look at disaster recovery plans for example – then Cloud flexibility can deliver significant gains. Cloud may be a long-term strategic vision for IT delivery or a tactical approach to testing the business value of a new contact activity.

We’re happy to provide advice and ideas to help you clarify what set-up might suit your business needs the best.

Tech takeaway: Before making any decision on technology you should have clear aims and a strong vision of your required business outcomes.

Next time: Cloud: the business case.