Simple multichannel flexibilityWith contact centre software, as in life, the straightforward solutions are usually the best. You can have simple multichannel flexibility and still have an intelligent, user-friendly system.

Multichannel flexibility for the way you work

Inbound contact centres are evolving to accommodate the multichannel requirements of their customers and, similarly, outbound contact solutions are needed to optimize resources in areas like renewals, payments, reminders etc. – and to find new prospects. In the bid to be successful there is the temptation to make things complex but it’s really not.

Here at Rostrvm we believe in products that are as dynamic and robust as they are user-friendly, so everyone benefits.

If you have the right technology, things will be easier for you and your customers. That might be making it simple for customers to reach an advisor for assistance (if needed) by having a quick way to exit the IVR or website to get live support. It could be providing multichannel contact information on your website – by web form, email, web chat – as well as phone numbers – and knowing the tech will help you do the rest, with intelligent routing.

Managing and measuring the performance of these multichannel interactions and being able to make the right changes also shouldn’t be complicated. You should have a system that can cope with capturing staff activity and customer interactions multichannel and use call and screen recordings in training and quality assessments.

The bottom line is, whatever way you want to work – on-site, cloud or any other deployment in between, we have simple multichannel solutions which give you better ways to serve customers.

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