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This series of quick tips and articles is aimed at supporting technical users of rostrvm with tips and ideas to get the most out of the rostrvm system. The articles and ideas are derived from some of the most common ‘How do I?’ questions received at our service desk.

This page is primarily aimed at our user community but you might also be interested in some of the facilities available to make your call centre more efficient.

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SuperVisor Designer

First of all, what is it?

SuperVisor is the enterprise reporting and management application for the rostrvm platform so SuperVisor Designer effectively allows you to design the way in which the data you have stored is displayed on wallboards or any other visual device.

Creating a new display

Save yourself effort! It is easier to copy and edit an existing display than create a new one. Start off with one that is closest in context to the one you want to create – Open it up, untick the ‘read-only’ flag, save it as the new display name and then edit it.

How do I create a display linked to currently logged-on users?

Normally, you can display groups of users and associated data – for example the users on a predictive dialler campaign or a particular user group. If you then want to restrict the users shown in a list display to just those who are currently logged on, simply choose the user index value from the User States.

I want to look at particular call outcomes.

If you want to restrict the users to those who have had calls with particular outcomes, choose the user index from Business Outcomes by user and set up the outcomes you want to test for. This does not restrict the data you show, just the users for which the information is displayed.

Outbound predictive dialler

How can I see the records which are on callback?

Use the Account Search tool to view them. In ControlCentre, right-click on the list that contains the callbacks you wish to view, then choose Account Search. From the drop-down list of queries, choose ‘Callbacks’.

I can see callbacks that are in the past – will they ever be dialled?

Yes – if a callback has a date that is in the past, rostrvm will treat it as if it was dated with today’s date. The callback will be then attempted at the time specified.

How can I stop a single record from being dialled, without barring all future calls to that number?

Again, use the ‘Account Search’ tool to do this. Right-click on the list that contains the record you wish to exclude, then choose ‘Account Search’. Build a query that will find the record you are looking for, then right-click on it and choose ‘Exclude Record’.

What does a List Reset do?

List Reset can help you get through those periods when you’re short of data. It will do two things:

(a) It will set all “non-contacted terminated” records ready for dialling again. A non-contacted terminated record is one which has reached the maximum number of attempts configured for “non-contacted” outcomes such as No Answer or Busy.

(b) It will also clean up the list by removing all the Contacted – Terminated records (people you have spoken to and not set a callback for) from the list.