Consulting Services

The rostrvm Prophet contact centre consulting methodology ensures that your contact centre operates to its optimum performance. Our consultants can help when you are first planning the enhancement of your contact centre operation, or can be used by existing contact centres to identify areas that require further optimisation.

We have hundreds of man-years experience in contact centre solutions across the world, which has allowed our people to gather expert knowledge and competence in the delivery of these solutions.

Typical activity

Our consulting services are based on focused analysis of an organisation’s contact and relationship management capability. Typical activity includes:

  • A quick, accurate, review of current capability and performance measured against client needs and best practice
  • Identification of ‘quick win’ opportunities that can be implemented with minimal investment/change
  • A definition of the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation as they relate to contact and relationship management
  • Formulation of a programme to deliver strategic improvements that support the stated goals and objectives, including recommendations that may require longer-term implementation and investment budget.

Our consultancy is focused on business process, technology and the people that need to work with them. We have developed this approach from numerous assignments where the client requirement is the implementation of practical solutions to real business problems.

Our clients are all different, but we can apply our generic process as a framework for our proposed engagement.

The process is not prescriptive and is usually tailored in consultation with our clients to address specific requirements relating to process order, specific activities, deliverables and timescales.

What do you get?

We will provide you with recommendations on the best way to address the issues and opportunities that are mutually identified. Where applicable, you will be provided with a range of alternative solutions and a recommendation on the best means by which your objectives can be met.

As a privately held company we maintain a strong culture of independence which is increasingly rare in our market sector. We see our independence as a major benefit to our customers – it guarantees the openness of our thinking and the objectiveness of our approach and advice.


Then contact us for a free and open discussion of how we can help you.