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November 2006

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Welcome to the latest edition of rostrvm News. This year we are celebrating 20 years of rostrvm, so, in addition to current news, we are taking a look at what’s changed in the call centre, what’s stayed the same and looking at the changes we expect over the coming months and years.

Looking back



A lot has changed over our 20 years in the call centre. Let’s be self indulgent for a few moments; Rostrvm Solutions started out as a specialist software provider bringing together different technologies such as telephone switches and IT systems to deliver increased performance in the ‘call centre’. Today we are a specialist software provider bringing together different technologies such as telephone switches and IT systems to deliver increased performance in the call centre…  so a lot has stayed the same:


“Our success is due to unrivalled technical expertise and call centre experience coupled with a ‘can do’ attitude to the needs and challenges of our customers.”



But of course things have altered since the mid 1980s. Back then call centres were all about inbound call handling and built around expensive, purpose-built ACDs in huge boxes. Customer service was placed in a silo with a simple objective – get through as many calls as possible as quickly as possible. The concept of proactively contacting customers with automated diallers was almost unheard of. And when the first predictive diallers appeared in the late 80s they brought another set of proprietary tin boxes, operational silos and a hefty price tag – over £20,000 per agent at today’s prices.

As call centres matured along came supporting technologies such as Interactive Voice Response system, Voice Recorders and CRM systems. rostrvm is the glue that brings technologies together and helps organisations to achieve and exceed business objectives whilst delivering personalised customer service.


Looking back over 20 years of call centre technology the key change has been driven by companies like Rostrvm Solutions. When we started out call centres were the domain of a few organisations with large call handling requirements. Our continuous research & development investment means that advanced call centre functionality is available to all businesses – large & small.




Looking forward


Rostrvm Solutions’ products and services will  continue to focus on


§         Providing innovative technology to enhance your customer’s experience


§         Measuring and managing your call centre activities and business performance


But we all need to recognise that the call centre will change significantly over the next few years. This will not be a technology driven change; it will be consumer driven.


The consumer has changed and the call centre needs to change to deliver the service the consumer expects. In a recent (June 2006) study of a typical consumer-to-business call centre undertaken by Rostrvm Solutions we discovered that over 37% of callers used a mobile phone. And over 45% of calls from the call centre were to mobiles.


There is a consumer-driven trend towards the ‘intelligent’ telephone, but most of today’s call centres assume that the caller’s telephone is a dumb terminal delivering a speech connection and generating tones to navigate menus. Yet current call centre software makes it straightforward to adopt the consumers preferred communication medium.


For example:


§         At the end of a conversation rostrvm can automatically send a confirmation email or a text message.

§         If you want to get a quick message to a customer, for example to advise them of a forthcoming delivery, the call centre software can send a text message.

§         Customers can send questions by email or text message that are read by software and intelligently routed to the best-qualified call centre agent.


Convergence and the call centre


You must have seen the advertising – organisations from mobile phone providers to TV companies are offering ‘triple-play’ and even ‘quadruple play’ communications packages with combinations of fixed & mobile telephones. Everyone is getting connected to the internet


Over 57% of households in Great Britain are web-connected and around 72% of new connections are broadband (source: Office of National Statistics).


So over 14 million UK households are ready to contact you via the web.




As customers adopt Voice over IP on their PC and browsing via the mobile phone we anticipate consumers increasingly using web sites to find the product or service they require.


We see the future of the call centre moving from activity silos – telephone calls, emails, text messages, web chat – to rounded 360 degree customer contact.


The growth of web-based self service means that call centres are changing from dealing with straightforward transactions to an empowered environment with complex interactions. Call centre agents need instant access to information held in multiple data sources and formats - spoken, web, SMS, email and video. 

Call recording integration

Activa Solutions, a voice, data, quality and performance management solutions specialist, has integrated its call recording system with Rostrvm Solutions’ automated dialler. The links between the two systems provide unprecedented options in marking recordings with data that consequently delivers fast, flexible recording retrieval.


 “Our client’s demands were quite challenging” said Paul Manyweathers, Activa’s Managing Director. “In addition to the usual requirement to track recordings using time, date and telephony information we needed to record data from the dialler such as the campaign name and customer account details.”


Activa’s professional consultancy services combined with the open rostrvm Interface APIs meant that the integration was completed and live in record time – just a few days.



“The Rostrvm team provided us with excellent software and support.” continued Manyweathers, “We achieved the basic requirement within a couple of days and then went on to further enhance the combined solution to track the business outcome of calls”.


Lindsay Brown, Rostrvm Solutions’ technical director commented “It is testament to both rostrvm’s open Application Programming Interfaces and Activa’s software skills that this comprehensive integration was completed so quickly to the benefit of our mutual customers.”

Hints & Tips

Linking rostrvm with Microsoft Office


For many organisations Microsoft Excel is the preferred reporting medium. Of course, we think that you should put rostrvm SuperVisor on very desktop and provide call centre reporting that way…. but back in the real world we recognise that call centre information often needs to be merged with other data.


However, you don’t need to retype data from rostrvm into Excel. If you regularly need data from rostrvm in your Excel spreadsheets then you should consider using the available ODBC links to pull information directly from your rostrvm database.

Closing the loop by writing to your customer

Would it help you generate more sales or clear down more service requests if you could easily send a confirmation email, text message or fax to your customer during or after the call?

As a simple ‘proof of concept’ rostrvm can link to most email systems to send emails(obviously!), text messages and faxes. Your messages can include information gathered during the call to minimise typing effort.

Once you have proved the business benefit we can then talk to you about our fully integrated multimedia queuing and routing system.

To learn more, please talk to your account manager


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