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June 2006

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Welcome to the latest edition of rostrvm News. This month we take a look at Voice over IP and the benefits it can deliver to your operation.

Wake up to Voice over IP


Frankly we wouldn’t be surprised if the mere mention of Voice over IP was enough to make you yawn with boredom and throw this newsletter into the recycle bin --- but please bear with us and read on!


Every man and has dog have been trumpeting Voice over IP (VoIP) as the best thing since sliced bread for years; search for the phrase voip benefit in Google and you will get over 15 million matches.


But in reality the expected business benefits such as reduced operational and administrative costs have not been as significant as expected. And the promised innovative business applications combining telephone functions with open-standard IT systems have been slow to materialise. Until now.


Rostrvm Solutions has adopted the latest VoIP standards to provide a range of ground-breaking applications for call centres of all sizes.


Evolution not revolution


We know that you already have a significant investment in call centre technology. The rostrvm call centre software suite is designed to complement and protect your existing call centre technology investment. For example, rostrvm extends the useful life of traditional PBX platforms while delivering sophisticated call centre functionality. Our new rostrvm customer Comtor has enhanced a basic telephony platform with rostrvm VoIP tools to undertake innovative telemarketing campaigns (more details in the article below).


Our approach is to help you to evolve your call centre. Our new applications transparently take advantage of the new technologies. It doesn’t matter whether you have the latest IT & Telephony network infrastructure or a 20-years-old PBX, rostrvm can turn your current platforms into a state-of-the-art call handling operation.




Increased customer satisfaction, optimised agent productivity & reduced cost


It sounds like the top 3 agenda items in a call centre strategy meeting – “we need to increase customer satisfaction, optimise agent productivity & reduce cost”.


rostrvm QueueBack  and CallBack achieves all three objectives in one integrated system. Using VoIP technology rostrvm QueueBack and CallBack enhance customer perception, giving any call centre the facility to smooth out peaks and troughs in workload and tangibly reduce telecommunications costs.


rostrvm QueueBack allows a caller on an inbound queue, to hang up but "maintain" their position in the queue. Once the caller has reached the head of the queue, a return call is generated and passed through to an available agent.


rostrvm QueueBack can further be enhanced to prompt the caller and collect customer contact details - for example, an account number, which can then present full details to the call centre agent before the callback is made.


But there are times when the call traffic peak is so high that even QueueBack support will not balance caller demand and staff availability. CallBack dynamically complements QueueBack functionality by transforming immediate demand into deferred demand. Instead of the caller being held in queue, he or she is asked to leave details and receives a callback at a later time, typically during a dip in call centre demand.


Costs are reduced for all call centres; fewer telephone lines are required to support queued calls. If you are paying to receive calls, for example via 0800 numbers, converting expensive inbound calls to standard rate outbound calls can reduce call costs by 60%.





Linking the web and the call centre


'Call me' buttons and 'Contact me' forms are a common feature of many web sites. But too often requests for contact fail because web contact is not embedded in professional call handling processes.


rostrvm InterAct's webCallBack integrates the 'call me' button request on your web site with robust contact management, contact routing and reporting mechanisms ensuring that you can measure the effectiveness of combining your call centre and the web.





And when your call centre agent makes the call you don't always make contact. rostrvm InterAct includes comprehensive, flexible redial strategies to support you in keeping your promises to contact. InterAct webCallBack can be deployed on traditional telephony platforms or SIP VoIP infrastructure.


Know what your customer wants before they call you


In addition to managing call back requests the converged rostrvm system provides dynamic integration between the web browser, including mobile web browsing, and the call centre.


Your customer can browse rostrvm-enabled web pages on your site and then make a call-me request. The agent receiving the request will not only know about the call request, but will also know which pages have been viewed and have information about any customer entered data.


For example, customers can browse your on-line catalogue, select ‘call-me’ and the call centre agent will return the call with full knowledge of the customer’s interest. You can



·           better qualify your prospects

·           route callers to the best agent

·           optimise agent productivity

·           increase customer satisfaction

·           increase sales revenue




Comtor uses rostrvm ‘pay for use’ call centre to increase sales


Comtor, the Coventry based telesales and telemarketing company, has implemented Rostrvm Solutions’ call centre software to drive sales growth.


Comtor specialises in direct marketing to the mobile sector and uses the rostrvm Voice over IP predictive dialler to increase productivity, manage the call process and measure business outcomes.


“There were many factors that led us to choose Rostrvm for this project.” said Dave Nicholls, Comtor’s Managing Director. “We are very pleased with the way Rostrvm has worked with us to meet the unique requirements of the mobile marketing sector. For example, the seamless integration with our fixed cellular transceivers helps us to optimise our costs.”


Comtor uses rostrvm predictive dialling, call scripting, management information and call recording.


The next few weeks will see Comtor using rostrvm’s inbound call handling services to complement the current outbound campaigns.

Hints & Tips

Your chance to win a bottle of champagne*

When did you last review your phone charges?


During a recent rostrvm Prophet consultancy exercise we uncovered some interesting statistics. Whilst it is dangerous to generalise from a specific example we found that


 - in a predominantly inbound call centre an agent spends around 20 hours a month on outbound calls.


- nearly 40% of outbound calls are to mobile phones


As a larger proportion of outbound calls are to mobile phones, we recommend that you look at this increasing, but often hidden, cost.

We recognise that we have mentioned Voice over IP a few times in this edition of rostrvm News (!).

As a little light relief we have a simple competition for you to enter. Simply count how many times the phrase Voice over IP or word VoIP appears in this newsletter and go to the competition page on our web site to get the chance to win a bottle of champagne.

The winner will be drawn at random from all correct and valid entries on Friday, 14th July 2006. Full rules are included on the competition web page.

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