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May 2006

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Welcome to the latest edition of rostrvm News focussed on the new features included in the latest software release - rostrvm 6.1.

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rostrvm 6.1 …
… available now

rostrvm 6 was released in late 2005 incorporating new facilities such as


·          Multimedia ‘predictive dialling’

·          Call centre ‘instant messaging’

·          Recording for quality management

·          Extended data security for home & remote agents

·          ‘Not ready with reason’ MIS

·          Dynamic web to call centre integration

·          Advanced answer machine management




A number of enhancements have subsequently been added to release 6 and are available now in release 6.1


rostrvm applications are provided as a suite of components. Each component is licensed separately to match users’ operational needs.

Enhanced software for each component is available free-of-charge to users with a current Maintenance Agreement.

Professional Service support to install your enhanced software is available from Rostrvm Solutions and can be scheduled to meet your operational needs.



What’s new?


Keeping in touch – OutBound enhancements


Keeping in touch with your customers can significantly enhance profits. Our multimedia predictive dialler – rostrvm OutBound – forms the cornerstone of managed, measured customer contact.


A number of new features have been added to OutBound with 2 key aims:


·           Enhancing your campaign targeting


·           Making regulatory compliance even easier


Time-of-day phone number selection

Dialler lists can contain multiple telephone numbers for your dialler targets. OutBound can select the appropriate number based on the time of day. (For example the ‘office’ number between 9 and 5 and ‘home’ in the evening).


Automatic alternative number selection

OutBound will dial an account’s alternative telephone numbers if the current target number is in the Do Not Call list.


‘Fresh’ data weighting

Weightings can now be applied to the dialling of ‘fresh’ accounts to ensure that new accounts are given priority over retries of previously dialled accounts. Timed callback promises still take priority of course!


Configurable agent callback mode

The Agent Callback dialogue is now configurable by campaign. The system can now be configured to offer one of


1) Schedule the callback for the "current agent" AND "any agent"


2) Schedule the callback for just the "current agent"


3) Schedule the callback for just "any agent"


Enhanced compliance reporting

Periodic MIS tables have been introduced for Campaigns, Lists, Campaign-List associations and Campaign-Group associations. These tables record the performance of each campaign every 15 minutes providing reporting data to help you demonstrate compliance with the latest dialler regulations.


Making operational data visible

With the increased emphasis on operational compliance the ‘standard’ dialler SuperVisor screens now display the active tuning mode as well as the current and 24-hour nuisance rates. This information was previously delivered through the rostrvm Control Centre.



Management Information dashboard displays


We all need to know how we are performing. We have added a ‘dashboard’ display type to rostrvm Supervisor proving an ’at-a-glance’ view of your current activities. A range of other design parameters has been added to the system.






Keeping your promises to call back


We’ve all been there… phoned a call centre, been promised that someone will get back to us and it just doesn’t happen.  To help you to close the loop, the standard agent software - rostrvm AdVisor - now allows agents on an inbound call to set managed callbacks. This means that the return call will be automatically presented to your outbound teams at the right time and with the right information.



And as you would expect with rostrvm, the callbacks are fully managed with comprehensive business information to demonstrate your effectiveness.





More business information capture


AdVisor’s activity code window  - the tick box system for recording call outcomes – was limited to 8 activity codes per call. To support your needs for more detailed business outcome analysis this limit has now been removed.




IT Integration


Integration of your call centre with your Information Technology is one of rostrvm’s foundations. Release 6.1 includes a number of facilities to make integration even easier:


Increased user ID length

Many desktop IT systems allow long user names. The rostrvm User ID has been increased from 10 characters to 32 characters. This means that the creation of a single agent login for rostrvm and your desktop IT is even easier. At the same time we have included rostrvm support for user Ids that include apostrophes – for example Sam O’Reilly


Database management for user tables in the rostrvm database

A common technique for linking rostrvm to an IT system is to take advantage of user-specific tables within the rostrvm database. We have added configurable database purge facilities for customer-specific tables.




Extended support for SpliceCom maximiser

Rostrvm Solutions has extended integration with SpliceCom’s maximiser business telephone system.


The latest rostrvm developments take advantage of maximiser’s VXML scripting, HTTP interfaces and Text-to-Speech facilities to deliver call centre functions such as


·           playing welcome messages

·           delivering intelligent in-queue announcements

·           collecting DTMF digits

·           executing text-to-speech scripts



Robin Hayman, SpliceCom's Director of Product Management, commented “This new level of integration delivers the best of both worlds to our mutual customers – increased call centre functionality and reduced cost”.


The rostrvm/maximiser combination offers comprehensive call centre applications including:


·           Skills based and data directed multimedia ACD

·           Preview, progressive and Ofcom compliant predictive dialler

·           CTI screen pop with voice & data transfer

·           Scripting support tools for call centre agents

·           Web based Management information

Is the back office supporting your  call centre?

rostrvm provides comprehensive Management Information for call centre agent activity. But what about people who are not on the phones? rostrvm extends operational management information to  your ‘back office’.

New in release 6, rostrvm BackOffice supports recording of work states for ALL staff with information recorded in the rostrvm MIS database. Real-time back-office status and progress reports are delivered using rostrvm Supervisor, with historical reports delivered through Crystal Reports or your chosen reporting tool.

Data capture is through the simple desktop tool, implemented as a small ‘system tray’ button.

To learn more please contact your account manager.

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