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March 2006

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Welcome to the latest edition of rostrvm News. This edition contains very important information for almost all our customers. If you use a predictive dialler in your call centre OR you outsource any predictive dialling activity then we urge you to read this newsletter carefully. You need to review your processes now!

We appreciate your views and feedback. Please contact with any suggestions or comments.

Ofcom predictive dialler guidelines


Last week (1st March) Ofcom announced “the implementation of new measures designed to strengthen consumer protection from silent telephone calls”.


The new rules provide a consistent and enforceable framework for the responsible use of automated calling systems. Ofcom’s policy aims significantly to reduce the total number of calls abandoned by call centres and to ensure that consumers can clearly identify the source of any abandoned call that they receive.”


The full statement of policy is available at the Ofcom web site Statement of policy on the persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service (requires Acrobat Reader).


As detailed in paragraph 6.16 of the policy, for dialler users the key operational requirements are:


1.       the ‘abandoned call’ rate shall be no more than three per cent of ‘live calls’ on each individual campaign over any 24 hour period;


2.       in the event of an ‘abandoned call’, a very brief recorded information message is played within two seconds of the call being answered, which contains at least the following information:


·           the identity of the company on whose behalf the call was made (which will not necessarily be the same company that is making the call) ;


·           details of a no charge (0800) or Special Services basic rate (0845) number the called person can contact so they have the possibility of declining to receive further calls from that company;


·           includes no marketing content and is not used as an opportunity to market to the called person;


3.       calls which are not answered must ring for a minimum of 15 seconds before being terminated;


4.       when an ‘abandoned call’ has been made to a particular number, any repeat calls to that number in the following 72 hours must be made by a live operator;


5.       for each outbound call a CLI number is presented to which a return call may be made which is not charged at a higher rate than the national call rate;


6.       any call made by the called person to the contact number provided shall not be used as an opportunity to market to that person, without that person’s consent;


7.       records are kept for a minimum period of six months that demonstrate compliance with the above procedures.



rostrvm provides all the tools you need…
… and the support to use them

rostrvm contains all the facilities you need to fully and demonstrably comply with the guidelines.


Some customers may need to upgrade, but the latest software is available free-of-charge to all users with a maintenance agreement.


And the need to change might also be an opportunity to take advantage of rostrvm’s new facilities and enhancements to existing functions including:


·          Multimedia ‘predictive dialling’

·          Call centre ‘instant messaging’

·          Recording for quality management

·          Extended data security for home & remote agents

·          Back office management information

·          ‘Not ready with reason’ MIS

·          Dynamic web to call centre integration

·          Advanced answer machine management



Taking advantage of rostrvm’s ability to comply will, in the majority of cases, require some configuration work and possibly additional hardware from your telephone switch provider.


And this is not just a dialling issue……..


You need to look at how you are going to handle returned calls from the ‘information message’ described above.


You need to consider how the information message and “the possibility of declining to receive further calls” might impact your activities. If you are using one brand to support multiple campaigns across multiple products who needs to stop dialling. We don’t see this as a technical problem; it’s a brand management issue!


Outsourcing strategies have to be thought about; campaigns being run on your behalf by some else are still your responsibility! And which phone number will be on the information message?  What CLI are they going to present? Who is going to handle the inbound calls? What are they going to say?


How will Rostrvm Solutions help?


Rostrvm Solutions will provide each dialler customer with a free operational review to help in the identification and resolution of compliance issues.


This review will, where relevant, cover


·           Dialler configuration


·           Data flow management


·           Inbound call handling


·           Multi-campaign management


·           Outsourced campaign control


·           Brand protection


·           Performance impact


If the review identifies requirements for additional services from Rostrvm Solutions, then such costs will be clearly identified.

To book your review please contact your account manager directly
Nigel Welsh 07713 988535

Peter Brown 07967 495721

What should you do now?

There are a number of things that should be done immediately:


·           Change the ‘nuisance call’ upper limit on any active campaigns to 3 per cent or less. If you need help with this please contact our support desk on 01483 744600 or email


·           Identify who should consider and be in charge of the wider process issues


·           Identify who should consider the ‘brand’ issues


·           Contact your Rostrvm Solutions account manager to book your compliance review



Thank you

You may recall from the last issue we offered free copies of ContactBabel’s “UK Operational Review”. We would like to thank everyone who responded and hope you found the report useful

We have obtained a few more copies to give away with this issue of rostrvm News.

Here’s the deal….

A free copy of the report will be provided to the first 5 users* who complete the special form on our web site.  All you have to do is provide us with your contact information and a brief comment telling us how rostrvm - the product - or Rostrvm Solutions - the company - helps you and your organisation. For full details and to complete the web form please click here.

* for the purposes of this offer a ‘user’ is a current, regular user of
rostrvm call centre software and the offer is limited to one copy per user organisation

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