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December 2005

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Welcome to the latest edition of rostrvm News. If you have been a reader since the beginning, you might recall that rostrvm News was created as a result of responses to our Customer Satisfaction Survey and your desire for more information. We recently completed the 2005 Customer Satisfaction Survey and have taken on board your feedback in this edition. We are delivering summary information and providing direct links to more detail on our web site.

We appreciate your views and feedback. Please contact with any suggestions or comments.

Call Centres and the Ofcom consultation – a date for your diary


Over recent months there has been a lot of press coverage – including the cover story in Call Centre Focus - about ‘Silent Calls’ and call centres. The increasing public disquiet has caused Ofcom to issue a consultation document entitled “Statement of policy on the persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or electronic communications service”. The consultation covers a range of topics, but is focussed on outbound contact from call centres.


The statement of policy is expected to have impact on all call centres so, to keep you informed and to establish the facts, we are hosting a User Seminar covering the expected new guidelines on Thursday, 19th January 2006 at our offices in Woking.


To ensure that you get authoritative information we have commissioned independent consultant Dave Nicholls of Brookmead Consulting to present to you and answer your questions


(Brookmead Consulting are the authors of the ‘Brookmead Report’ prepared for the Telephone Preference Service and the Direct Marketing Association to carry out a full scale review of the issue of Silent calls caused by Predictive Diallers)


Rostrvm Solutions will be providing information detailing the facilities available in rostrvm versions 5 and 6 that help you to continue to comply with the expected changes to the guidelines


Rostrvm Solutions consultants will be on hand to discuss any specific requirements you may have.


We will also talk about some useful tools to help you improve your marketing activities


The seminar is also an opportunity to meet with your peers in other organisations.


Who should attend?


Everyone involved in Call Centres! Yes, we do mean everyone! It’s fair to say that the people who should be most interested are those organisations that use predictive diallers. But we believe that, whilst diallers are the prime ‘target’ for the proposed guidelines, any business making outbound calls, including picking up the phone and dialling, needs to understand the implications.


Additionally, there are some implications on your inbound operation so the seminar is open to all rostrvm customers free of charge


To find out more and to reserve your place(s)….


More information and a reservation form are available by clicking here to visit our web site. Alternatively ask your account manager to reserve you a place.



How do I find out more about the Ofcom consultation?


The details are available at the Ofcom web site. Click here to access the relevant pages.

rostrvm release 6 – available now

The latest rostrvm release is available now. Release 6 is packed with new facilities and enhancements to existing functions including:


·          Multimedia ‘predictive dialling’

·          Call centre ‘instant messaging’

·          Recording for quality management

·          Extended data security for home & remote agents

·          Back office management information

·          ‘Not ready with reason’ MIS

·          Dynamic web to call centre integration

·          Advanced answer machine management


Full details are available via our web site by clicking here or by contacting your account manager.


rostrvm applications are provided as a suite of components. Each component is licensed separately to match users’ operational needs.

Enhanced software for each component is available free-of-charge to users with a current Maintenance Agreement.


New functional components are chargeable.


Professional Service support to install your enhanced software is available from Rostrvm Solutions and can be scheduled to meet your operational needs.

“The UK Contact Centre Operational Review” for free…

Have you ever wondered how well your agents are performing compared to other call centres? What is the typical abandoned call rate in your vertical market? What is the current thinking on call blending?

Answers to these questions and many more are contained in “The UK Contact Centre Operational Review – 3rd Edition” published by ContactBabel. Built upon primary research with over 200 directors and managers in some of the UK's leading contact centre operations, this report contains the most up-to-date and largest survey of contact centres' performance metrics, operational practices, salary & attrition data and technology usage

As one of the report sponsors, Rostrvm Solutions has 10 copies of the report to give away to our customers.

Here’s the deal….

A free copy of the report will be provided to the first 10 users* who complete the special form on our web site.  All you have to do is provide us with your contact information and a brief comment telling us how rostrvm - the product - or Rostrvm Solutions - the company - helps you and your organisation. For full details and to complete the web form please click here.

* for the purposes of this offer a ‘user’ is a current, regular user of
rostrvm call centre software and the offer is limited to one copy per user organisation
Hints & Tips

Have you listened to your inbound call announcements recently?


Your ACD coupled with the rostrvm software provides extensive options for routing calls to the right agent group. If you use announcements and options to help guide the caller to the right place then check regularly to confirm that the announcement is user friendly. Does it make sense to the typical caller? Is it guiding then to select the right option?


Monitoring the impact of your announcements will reduce your abandoned call rate and the volume of call transfers.

BT Answer 1571


When you are making outbound calls reaching network-based answering services such as BT Answer 1571 can have two meanings; if the service answers immediately then the phone you are dialling is busy – so it is usually a good idea to try again quite quickly to make contact – but if the service takes a while to answer then the person is simply not available.


If the person is not available the BT service normally takes 20 seconds to answer. So to reduce the number of ‘not available’ BT Answers your agents hear, set your dialler’s “Ring time in seconds” to less than 20 – but remember that the value must be 15 or more to comply with guidelines!


Thank you

We would like to say ‘thanks’ to everyone who completed our user satisfaction survey. Participation in 2005 was more than doubled over 2004 (the chance to win an iPod might have been an influencing factor here!).

We are very pleased with the many compliments and, perhaps more importantly, the constructive criticism we received. All the suggestions for improvement either have already been, or will be acted upon.

We are particularly proud with the results analysis. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 meaning poor and 5 meaning excellent) every metric rated over 4.3 (which means at least very good). This shows improvement on 2004 when the metrics rated 4.1 or above.

….so who won the iPod?

There’s a bit of a story here! The independent draw took place as promised and a user in the west of England won the prize. But the Rostrvm Solutions marketing department forgot to consider the possibility that the winner might work for an organisation that has a confidentiality agreement in place with us….. you can guess what happened! So we are not going to tell you openly who won, but we can tell you that the winner is very pleased with the prize!

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