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August  2005

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rostrvm ToneType – an alternative to speech recognition

We were asked to design a mechanism to gather postcode information from callers to route call centre enquiries based upon the caller’s home location.  The ‘standard’ answer to the problem is to deploy speaker independent voice recognition to capture information. But voice recognition presents both commercial and operational challenges:

Voice recognition systems are expensive and demand a large amount of processing power

In an ideal environment voice recognition is very accurate achieving 80-90% recognition rates, but accuracy in more challenging situations, such as calls received from a mobile phone on the move, can be as low as 50%

Rostrvm Solutions’ ToneType system combines the simplicity of the telephone keypad with advanced software algorithms to accurately capture alphanumeric information from callers and delivering significant cost reduction to the call centre.


How does it work?

UK Postcodes have a clear structure – part of British Standard BS7666 - that, with an appropriate algorithm, allows letters typed on a phone keypad to be accurately inferred.

Combining CLI information with typed data enhances recognition – for example it is reasonable to assume that a call from an 01738 number is enquiring about Perth.


rostrvm ToneType delivers 98.9% routing accuracy at less than a quarter of the price of an equivalent speech recognition system


How can ToneType help you?

Delivering excellent call centre service demands information about your callers and an understanding of their desires. The ToneType system allows you to gather alphanumeric data such as account reference and order details.

Provided that the required data has a logical structure then with ToneType’s combination of data capture and logical inference you can

gather caller specific information

direct your callers to the right location

automate complete transactions

pass data to your IT systems for ‘screen popping’ at the agent desktop

with the operational benefits  of delivering enhanced customer service at reduced cost.

To learn more about rostrvm ToneType please click here.
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EuroDebt uses rostrvm dialler to increase productivity

EuroDebt is one of the largest and most experienced Debt Managers in the UK. EuroDebt’s operation in Poole, Dorset, uses the rostrvm OutBound automated dialler to enhance its marketing, data collection and appointment setting activities.


“The rostrvm dialler has dramatically improved our productivity and effectiveness” commented Barry Wood, Partner, EuroDebt Financial Services. “The system has clearly demonstrated its ability to deliver business value”.

EuroDebt’s rostrvm system is based upon the Invex Enhance architecture, taking advantage of SIP Voice over IP to enhance EuroDebt’s existing telecommunications infrastructure. Rostrvm Solutions deployed the dialler in partnership with IT and telecommunications solution provider ASTG (UK) Limited.

Unlocking your investment in CRM



Successful Customer Relationship Management is all about gathering and retrieving information about your callers and prospects. Call Centre efficiency and effectiveness is built upon delivering the right data at the right time to your agents and capturing new information in a structured manner.


The latest rostrvm CallGuide enhancement gives you the ability to access and update your existing CRM information. CallGuide presents your agents with a consistent view of data from multiple systems. Call information can be gathered in both a structured and free-form manner supporting all of your agents, from new starters to ‘old hands’ whilst supporting consistent process flows.

Hints & Tips – using postcodes to improve customer contact rates

Did you know that rostrvm OutBound’s Dialling Filter could help you target your outbound activities in real time?


For example you might discover that it’s raining in Manchester whilst it is sunny elsewhere; so the chances of a contact being available to answer your call in Manchester is higher than normal. The rostrvm dialling filter allows you to immediately focus your calls on the Manchester area by selecting those contacts with a postcode beginning with ‘M’.


Dialling Filters were introduced with rostrvm release 5. An additional set of dialling rules to support the structure of UK postcodes is available as a free enhancement to release 5. To obtain this enhancement, please contact your account manager.

Coming soon

 Your call centre agents are ‘not ready’ – what are they doing?

Our next major release - rostrvm 6 includes extensions to the rostrvm Advisor agent desktop tool and rostrvm Supervisor to capture and report on agents’ activities when they are ‘not ready’. In many operations agents need to perform a series of activities after a call such as write up some notes, ask colleagues a question, send an email…… rostrvm 6 allows you to record and analyse a series of ‘not ready with reason’ events giving you the information you need to accurately analyse and forecast complete transaction lengths

This new feature is one of many new facilities in rostrvm 6. To learn more about how rostrvm 6 can help you, please contact your account manager.

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