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rostrvm News - April 2010

It's election time but that doesn't stop Westminster-driven call centre changes...

The UK is in the middle of a general election campaign so you could easily have missed a couple of recent decisions that may impact your call centre. The following articles give the details but if you would like to know how the changes affect you feel free to contact us.

Comply or risk £2 million

Ofcom’s maximum penalty for persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service is rising from the current £50,000 to £2 million. The higher penalty, which is expected to be in force by June, is mainly aimed at businesses generating an unacceptable number of silent or abandoned calls by using predictive diallers. 

The Government agreed the increase after considering 137 responses from consumers, companies, organisations and telecoms service providers to a consultation paper*. 126 respondents felt that the maximum penalty should be increased to the new level to deter ‘persistent offenders’.

To support companies in maintaining compliance (and avoiding the risk of bad publicity and a large fine), Rostrvm Solutions provides an outbound contact management and dialler application which is fully Ofcom and Information Commissioner compliant.

To find out about this and other support such as contact centre blending and our free Dialler Planning Guide please contact us.

*The full government response can be viewed here -

Avoidable contact – don’t avoid tackling it!  

The Government has removed the need for local government and partner call centres in England and Wales to record avoidable contact (National Indicator 14, NI 14). Whilst this means that measurement of avoidable contact is not mandatory, it is still an important exercise in the fight to improve efficiency and cut costs. 

Organisations from all sectors can benefit from looking into why avoidable contact is still happening and this can be done by recording such contact and analysing the findings.   Software such as rostrvm CallGuide (a desktop IT application) can be bolted onto existing systems to support contact & back office processes and help with the recording and analysis of contact outcome data. From this, the correct action can be taken to remove the root causes of avoidable contact, increase efficiency and reduce cost.

For more information on this please contact us.

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