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rostrvm News - March 2010

Contact centres under pressure

The contact centre is being bombarded by demands for change from every angle. Drastic changes in the economy have caused everyone to rethink their buying and spending; customers are expecting service faster, better and through a diverse range of media; new regulations continue to be rolled out, affecting how operations are run; and internet technology continues to have a huge impact.

Managing change

How to manage change is perhaps the biggest challenge this year for the contact centre and for getting it right for the customer. Customers can make contact for a whole host of reasons and interactions are less routine, more challenging and time-consuming - involving emails, texts and so on.

Maintaining good relationships requires that agents have instant access to all the available customer information, no matter where that data is held; clients have had their fill of being passed around or having to wait whilst information is found. All this needs to be successfully managed but with an eye on cost and on the need for simplicity – if an existing system is working fairly well but needs new functions, no one necessarily wants to throw it out and start again. And no one wants a complex system as that just causes a whole new set of problems! The latest version of rostrvm introduces a new paradigm – Contact Point Management.

Improving performance

Contact Point Management reduces transaction time significantly and saves money. For example, when a customer calls it can tell you what happened in a previous call and when you last called them; it updates client profiles to all data storage places, and there is no limit to the information that can be linked to customer contact campaigns. All information is presented in a single rostrvm CallGuide user interface, making your agents more efficient and dramatically reducing training time.

To find out more about how Contact Point Management supports operational flexibility contact us.

Come and see us

Rostrvm Solutions is attending a number of industry events over the next few weeks. Why not come and see us to find out how we can help you?

March 15th & 16th - The Call Centre & Customer Services Summit - Stansted

March 26th & 29th - South East Contact Centre Forum

April 19th & 20th - Contact Centre Planning 2010 - Birmingham

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