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rostrvm News - January 2010

Voice over IP delivers flexibility

Every single contact centre system that Rostrvm Solutions installed last year included Voice over IP to enhance operational flexibility.

Call Centres like the fact that IP-based systems can work alongside existing PBXs and data systems, for cost-effectiveness. Rostrvm Solutions can mix and match traditional (TDM) telephony and Voice over IP in a single call centre technology solution, providing companies with the best of both worlds. rostrvm Switchless Call Centre uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as the mechanism for controlling and managing calls and contacts.

Voice over IP opens up a host of call centre possibilities.

For example, as long as they have high-speed internet/broadband installed, agents can work from anywhere in the world (for example, at home or on the move) and yet be part of their company’s virtual network. They can operate as they would if they were sitting in the main contact centre – they can even be part of a skills-based routing system. This provides significant advantages to both employer and employee as it provides businesses with much greater flexibility in who they recruit and opening hours, and reduces overhead costs. And wouldn't the possibility of work-from-home have been incredibly useful during the recent winter weather conditions in the UK?
Looking ahead, companies such as Rostrvm continue to roll out the technology to extend the possibilities for call centres. For example, the rostrvm ScreenPhone - a SIP softphone that converts a multimedia PC and headset into a full-function telephone, supports call centre activities such as ACD call queuing and interfaces to a predictive dialler system, rostrvm OutBound.

To find out more about how rostrvm and VoIP supports operational flexibility contact us.

Are your IT systems making life difficult for your call centre teams?

Just over a year ago we conducted research into the number of desktop applications that an agent has to navigate to complete a call.

Our research also highlighted the large number of different software applications used by call centre agents to process calls - the numbers ranged from 1 to 20+. Call centre agents use an average of 4 software applications to process a call. The  detailed survey results are available here.

How have things changed? Can you spare a few minutes to help us to find out?

The anecdotal evidence is that complex IT continues to be a challenge for the agents. It would help us to help you if you could spare a few minutes to complete our on-line survey. If you can help please click here.

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Contact Centre Forum

In case you missed it, the presentations and discussion notes from the recent South East Contact Centre Forum are available to download in PDF format by clicking here.

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