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rostrvm News - September 2009

Don’t abandon your customers!

Despite the many tomes and blogs picking over whether or not all abandoned calls should be included within statistics, the fact remains that every abandoned call is a missed opportunity to satisfy a customer and potentially generate new revenue, whether directly or indirectly. You don’t want your customer to go to another company because they are fed up with waiting for you to answer their call.

You don’t want your company to have a reputation for bad service either – as we all know, busy people don’t have the time to wait and will be especially indignant if they are paying for the call. A customer who has had a satisfying telephone call with a company and feels welcomed and listened to is more likely to remain loyal when bombarded with your competitor’s marketing. In addition, some calls might turn out to be a great opportunity to cross–sell and upsell other services and products.

So abandoned call rate is an important KPI to measure. Rostrvm has an Abandoned Call Calculator to help you do this. The results may help when deciding a strategy for tackling possible under-staffing issues or flaws in IVR scripting amongst other things.

QueueBack & CallBack

To address the problem of peaks and troughs in demand in the call centre, rostrvm QueueBack and CallBack help manage call centre queues.

QueueBack allows a caller on an inbound queue to hang up but keep their position in the queue. Once they have got to the top of the queue, rostrvm automatically generates a return call and passes this through to an available agent. QueueBack can also prompt the caller to provide contact details - for example, a help-desk incident number - which can then be given to the call centre agent before the call back is made.

Alternatively, at times when call traffic peak is so high that even QueueBack support will not balance caller demand and staff availability, rostrvm CallBack allows the caller to leave details. The software then schedules a call back at a later time, typically during a dip in call centre demand. In summary, QueueBack smooths fluctuations in call demand and CallBack removes peaks in demand.

To learn more simply contact us and tell us about your operation. We can arrange for one of our consultants to visit you and assess the potential benefits - don't worry, it doesn't cost anything other than your time.

Alternatively, if you just want to get an idea of how we can help we have a calculator to estimate how much abandoned calls are costing you. To access Rostrvm Solutions' abandoned calls calculator please click here.

Insurance Dialogue Limited - a case study

There is a diverse range of businesses in our world, all needing different functions and features from their call centre operations and systems, Rostrvm Solutions provides software that is so flexible it can work with any existing investments in a myriad of ways.

If you are wondering what we offer, our work with Insure4Retirement.co.uk, a trading name of Insurance Dialogue Limited (IDL), provides an example of some of our capabilities. Insure4Retirement.co.uk is an independent intermediary specialising in home insurance for the 50+ market. As a new business it wanted to build a solid customer base and needed to achieve high-quality contact with as many prospective customers as possible.

This was achieved by deploying the rostrvm OutBound predictive dialler and campaign management system, enabling the contact centre to function efficiently and cost effectively. It can respond quickly to changing market conditions and test new contact strategies. As the business grew, inbound service for current customers became increasingly important. By adding rostrvm CallDirectorACD inbound contact management and contact blending the call centre can easily migrate teams between outbound and inbound activity as demand dictates.

Using rostrvm CallGuide scripting and agent support the company can modify its customer proposition on-the-fly, confident that its agents have the right information in a consistent format. Call centre agent training time and costs are significantly reduced.

The results speak for themselves - Insure4Retirement.co.uk has gone from strength to strength. After starting out with a small sales team the business has grown into a leading edge contact centre with over 100 positions employing around 200 people. To find out more click here to see the full case study or contact us.

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