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Rostrvm Solutions Partners With Red Box Recorders

Most UK call centres are missing out on CTI efficiency gains

rostrvm News - February 2009

Rostrvm Solutions sponsors the first-ever UK Outbound Forum

Rostrvm Solutions is actively supporting the UK Outbound Forum - a 'special interest' event within the Professional Planning Forum's conference. This will be an opportunity for dialler users from all over the UK to get together, share experiences and meet Ofcom, TPS and the DMA face-to-face .

The forum is being held on Tuesday 28th April 2009 at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith.

To learn more click here

rostrvm CallGuide delivers efficiency gains

Research carried out by Rostrvm Solutions has shown that most call centres in the UK are not taking advantage of Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) technology.

In today’s challenging environment, every organisation needs to be as efficient as possible. Rostrvm Solutions’ research has shown that most call centres in the UK are not optimising call centre performance with only 31% of call centres using CTI as part of their customer contact operations.

Headline research findings
Only 31% of call centres use CTI

Call centre size is a factor; 46% of call centres with 100+ agents use CTI compared with 28% of call centres with less than 100 agents

In the private sector, 57% of call centres use CTI

In the public sector 17% of call centres use CTI
Rostrvm’s research also highlighted the large number of different software applications used by call centre agents to process calls - the numbers ranged from 1 to 20+. Call centre agents use an average of 4 software applications to process a call.

rostrvm CallGuide supports your call centre agents  and brings the benefits of CTI to your operation.

CallGuide unifies the customer interaction without being strait-jacketed by the underlying IT systems. At the same time as presenting context-and-customer-sensitive data from multiple sources CallGuide supports your business processes to ensure the right information is given and received at the right time.

You can read more details about our CTI survey by clicking here.

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