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March 2005

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Welcome to the latest edition of rostrvm News. This issue announces the availability of rostrvm 5.1 and includes information covering

·          Plugging CRM gaps with new CallGuide facilities

·          Increasing customer satisfaction and agent utilisation with QueueBack and CallBack

·          Keeping your customer informed with automated OutBound messaging

You have an opportunity to gain the inside track in a new area of customer interaction; we are working on rostrvm 6 including a number of multimedia and mobile-phone/contact centre integration facilities. We are actively seeking users to work with us on new mobile-phone-based applications, and if you are interested in learning more please contact your account manager.

We've also included details of an interesting quality monitoring service from VIRTUATel.

As ever, we appreciate your views and feedback. Contact with any suggestions or comments.


rostrvm release 5.1 – Available NOW

rostrvm 5 was launched during the summer and many of you are already benefiting from a range of new facilities and functions available across the rostrvm application suite. The first incremental release - rostrvm 5.1 - is available now with additional opportunities to enhance your call centre.

Web Supervisor Designer

Web SuperVisor Designer extends Web Supervisor's flexibility letting you tailor your Management Information to exactly meet your needs:


·          Combine data from multiple sources to deliver the information that’s important to you


·          Perform arithmetic operations on the data to accommodate your metrics


·          Set thresholds on key targets to give you early warning of operational challenges


Web SuperVisor Designer includes wizards and configuration tools making it easy to build personal wallboards. rostrvm personal wallboards provide regular on-screen feedback for both operational and business activity allowing each agent to be aware of their own performance in comparison with their peers.


New OutBound campaign management features


Thanks to your ongoing feedback we have incorporated a range of new management features to the rostrvm OutBound dialling platform including:


·          Real time reporting of callback status

·          Campaign options to prioritise system callbacks, agent callbacks or unused accounts

·          Reason codes for calls that are previewed and then skipped or cancelled


·          Option to define campaign shift times by day

·          Extended Telephone Preference Service facilities to enhance regulatory compliance

·          Agents using rostrvm AdVisor are warned if they unwittingly schedule a callback outside of "Shift Hours"

Plugging CRM gaps with new CallGuide facilities

The call centre is your organisation’s customer relationship front line. It is the first point of contact for your customers and provides the perfect point for testing new marketing and service delivery concepts.  The theory says you use a single computer system – “a CRM system” - to deliver all the information about your customer during the call. But the reality of vibrant call centres demands flexible, controlled access to multiple computer systems.

rostrvm CallGuide is an add-on to rostrvm AdVisor. CallGuide will ensure that the flow of the call and capture of pertinent business data is consistent but flexible enough to meet the continually changing call centre needs.


CallGuide helps to plug gaps in CRM strategies with new functions that deliver and capture the right information in the right format at the right time.


Context sensitive screen pop


CTI screen pop has traditionally been used to present computer applications and related information to the agent at the beginning of a call. CallGuide’s context sensitive screen pop delivers your relevant desktop applications and data as it is needed at the appropriate point in the call.


Increasing customer satisfaction and agent utilisation with QueueBack and CallBack

rostrvm QueueBack is used in conjunction with rostrvm CallDirector ACD helping you to

·          Increase customer satisfaction

·          Smooth fluctuations in call demand

·          Reduce abandon rates

·          Improve agent utilisation

rostrvm QueueBack allows a caller on an inbound queue, to hang up but “maintain” their position in the queue.  Once the caller has reached the head of the queue, rostrvm automatically generates a return call and passes this through to an available agent.

QueueBack can further be enhanced to prompt the caller to collect customer contact details – for example, a helpdesk incident number, which can then be present full details to the agent before the callback is made.

But there are times when the peak is so high that even QueueBack support will not balance caller demand and staff availability.

CallBack complements QueueBack functionality by transforming immediate demand into deferred demand. Instead of the caller being held in queue, he or she is asked to leave details and receives a callback later in the day

·          Manages extreme traffic peaks

·          Converts immediate demand into deferred demand

·          Sets and manages customer expectations

·          Smooths workload across the day

Keeping your customer informed with automated OutBound messaging

We have extended rostrvm OutBound’s Answer Machine Detect capabilities to route calls that have reached an answer machine to a message delivery system.

There are times when both you and your customer can benefit from receiving a call – for example reminding your customers of a planned service visit or product delivery. But it is a fact of life that many calls to customers reach answer machines.

Automated OutBound Messaging benefits you by removing the need for agents to spend time leaving messages on answer machines and benefits your customer by delivering valuable information at the right time.


Hints & Tips

Working with rostrvm @ VIRTUATel

You call your customer and reach an answer machine. What does it mean?

A few years ago the answer was simple, the customer’s phone has rung and nobody is available to take the call. You should probably wait a while before calling again.

But things have changed. With today’s ‘in network’ messaging systems, such as BT 1571, reaching an answer machine can also mean that the customer is available but busy on the phone.

Our hint & tip is that you should review your rostrvm OutBound campaign strategies so that the first redial of an answer machine outcome should match your ‘busy’ strategy and that subsequent redials match the ‘no answer’ strategy.


Have you ever wondered what your customers really think of you? Automated customer satisfaction monitoring is available from VIRTUATel.


The Automated Satisfaction Measurement & Analysis (ASMA) service is very simple. At the end of the call to your company, you transfer the caller to our hosted ASMA system to complete a short customer satisfaction survey. The caller will complete the survey by answering your questions by either pressing buttons on their telephone keypad or speaking their responses using Automated Speech Recognition.


Rostrvm Solutions has worked with VIRTUATel in the development of ASiST to automate the invitation, selection and transfer of callers to the ASMA customer survey service without agent knowledge or intervention.


For more information please visit


Coming soon

Your customer is changing. Research figures from the UK (shown to the right) illustrate how mobile technology is being quickly adopted. Most notably the research indicates that new facilities are very strongly adopted by young people – the new consumers vital to the continued success of any business.

Rostrvm Solutions is building a range of new facilities for rostrvm 6 to address the new environment including

·          Mobile web to call centre interaction

·          Multimedia outbound campaigns including SMS and email

·          Mobile Management Information

We are actively seeking users to join us in 'proof-of-concept' and 'market acceptance' trials. If you interested in working with us in this exciting development area then please contact your account manager.


·          over 85% of consumers have a mobile subscription

·          around 56 million text messages are sent each day

·          94% of 18-24 year olds send texts

·          SMS marketing response rates are up to five times higher than those of direct mail marketing

·          over 28 million web pages are viewed per day via mobile phones 



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