Rostrvm News - May 2008

Getting ready for changes to 0870 and 0871/2/3

Expect to read a lot of news over the summer and into the autumn about changes to 0870 and other 087 numbers.

Earlier this month Ofcom issued 2 new consultation documents - one for 0870 numbers and the other covering 0871/2/3 numbers - describing proposed regulatory changes in this
What does this mean for call centres?
Firstly you need to be aware that different rules are proposed for the different number types. The consultation documents run to around 200 pages it would be worthwhile reading them - we have provided a link here and to the left - but in summary.....
0870 numbers
Some call centres earn revenue from calls to 0870 numbers and use this money to subsidise call centre operational costs. The new proposal anticipates price changes to 0870 numbers that will in turn mean that this revenue stream will be lost.
0871/2/3 numbers
The latest proposal is that these numbers will become subject to Premium Rate Service regulation under the remit of PhonepayPlus. In practical terms this means that, in addition to clearly advertising the cost of calls to customers, PhonepayPlus may become involved in consumer complaints about long queuing times.
What should you do?
If you are losing a revenue stream then you need to find ways to improve operational efficiency. rostrvm's agent support tools reduce call transaction times and help you to do more with less.

If you are worried about long queue times and possible external investigation then as well as supporting agents to become more efficient you should look at facilities such as rostrvm QueueBack to provide exceptional customer service and limiting queue times.

You can learn how Wandsworth Borough Council uses QueueBack to manage queue lengths by clicking here.

And if you could use some specific advice simply contact us to find out how we can help you.

Predictive dialler - revised Statement on Persistent Misuse

With apologies to regular readers who may get the impression of déjà vu ...... Ofcom issued its consultation on Revised Statement on Persistent Misuse in December. The conclusion to the consultation  was expected to be issued in March and then it slipped to April. Now it's May and there's still no firm sign of a regulatory statement.  Rest assured that as soon as we get to see it we will let you know the potential impact on predictive diallers and associated dialling campaigns.

London Borough of Wandsworth - Council Tax & Benefits

The Council Tax & Benefits operation is the largest Call Centre in the Council with 24 officers handling around 1,000 calls on a typical day.  The service faces an unusual, but not unique, position; the caller is typically seeking to discuss an important issue and the Council is the only body that can resolve the issue.

When the Council implemented its plan to refresh its call centre infrastructure, the Council was not looking to implement one central call centre, but required call centre technology with the ability to set up virtual call centres. This enables the Council's different business areas to administrate and set up their own call handling specific to their business needs whilst retaining the flexibility of a common technology platform.

The Council Tax and Benefits Call Centre uses the rostrvm CallDirector ACD and the associated SuperVisor management information system to implement skills based routing to ensure that callers reach the best-skilled Officer.

During busy periods the Council uses rostrvm QueueBack & CallBack to provide high quality service.

The full case study is available by clicking here.

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