Rostrvm News - APRIL 2008

Nottinghamshire County Council consolidates Customer Service with rostrvm

Nottinghamshire County Council has implemented the rostrvm Contact Centre application suite as a key component of its new Customer Service Centre based near Hucknall.

The Customer Service Centre forms part of the Council’s Access & Communications programme and aims to provide a single point of telephone access to more than 360 council services.

The rostrvm call centre software is deployed in conjunction with Ericsson PBX technology to support call routing to the Customer Service Centre advisors who then use the rostrvm desktop application to answer and handle the call. The system also has provision for extensive management information to enable advisor activity to be measured both on the phone and whilst performing administrative tasks .Click here to learn more about the Council’s rostrvm implementation.

Ofcom revised Statement on Persistent Misuse

Ofcom issued its consultation on Revised Statement on Persistent Misuse in December. The conclusion to the consultation  was expected to be issued in March, but is now not expected until later this month. As soon as we get to see it we will let you know the potential impact on predictive diallers and associated dialling campaigns.

We've got a new web site

Regular readers will have observed that the format of rostrvm News has changed. We hope that you like the new layout.

We have also completely revamped our web site,, adding more information, planning tools and customer case studies. Why not take a look and tell us what you think.

Hints & Tips - applying Windows Updates

We are observing an increasing frequency of updates to the Microsoft operating systems. Whilst these updates usually have no impact on the rostrvm system we recommend that updates to the operating system on the main rostrvm server the updates should be downloaded but NOT automatically installed.

Automatic install of the Windows Updates can trigger an unexpected reboot of the server and very occasionally we have seen problems with rostrvm restarting up. As the reboot typically happens when no-one is looking at 3 o'clock in the morning potential user problems are not noticed until the following morning.

We recommend that Windows Updates should always be installed in a controlled manner so that any problems can be easily and quickly rectified.

Before you apply an update why not give support a call? or drop us an email? Support contact details are available here.

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