February 2008

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·    Every Ready Mortar uses rostrvm to support new service.

·    Our survey highlights service level inconsistencies in local government contact centres

·    Rostrvm Solutions sponsors Professional Planning Forum Outbound Planning seminar.






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Learn more about the Professional Planning Forum’s Outbound Planning Seminar – sponsored by Rostrvm Solutions.


Ever Ready Mortar goes live with rostrvm

Ever Ready Mortar has launched an innovative new mortar delivery service to the building trade. The key to the Ever Ready Mortar offering is to deliver high quality product when and where it is needed backed up with efficient, friendly customer support.

Ever Ready Mortar’s customer service is driven from the new call centre using technology from Rostrvm Solutions.

“The rostrvm system has been selected to complement the core aims of our business” commented Mark Gubbins, Director, Ever Ready Mortar. “We differentiate ourselves through our quality, so a key aim of our call centre project is to deploy a state of the art technical solution to enable call handling to be tailored to match our customers’ expectations”.

Gubbins continued “The rostrvm system gives us great flexibility and, as our depot network expands, gives us the tools to handle a high volume of enquiries whilst maintaining a personal rapport with our regular customers”.

The rostrvm call centre software is linked to the company’s Sage IT systems to support efficient, effective call handling

“The rostrvm application gives our staff the tools they need to help us to reach new customers as well as servicing our active clients“, explained Stacey Baillie, Call Centre Manager. “We encourage builders to register interest in our service at our web site www.everreadymortar.com but we also use rostrvm’s automated dialling system to pro-actively contact prospective customers.  The dialler keeps our team busy, but at the same time the rostrvm system is monitoring our call queues to ensure that people calling us aren’t kept waiting to talk to us.”

The call centre is located at Doxford International Business Park on the outskirts of Sunderland supporting Ever Ready Mortar’s first depot in Washington, Tyne & Wear. Further depots and regions are quickly being introduced to the call centre with customer recruitment already under way for the company’s forthcoming Eccles depot.

Inconsistent local government contact centre service level targets

The New Performance Framework for Local Authorities & Local Authority Partnerships sets new indicators for customer contact performance including reducing avoidable contact. But how well are local authorities doing today?

The anecdotal evidence is that commercial call centres are continually enhancing their services - for example telephone calls will be answered in seconds, emails will be responded to in hours - but public sector organisations are lagging behind. To gain an understanding of the reality behind the anecdotes Rostrvm Solutions conducted a benchmarking survey into the current and future measurement of 'success' in Local Authority call centres.

The survey showed that in many ways Local Government customer service centres are leading the way in providing open multimedia access to service with over 90% of surveyed centres offering at least one medium in addition to ‘traditional’ telephone access.

Whilst service level standards are commonly in place setting targets for the most basic target - answering inbound telephone calls - less than half (43%) of survey respondents have a target for returning calls. The question must arise – What will happen if an enquiry necessitates a return call and the enquirer does not have an expectation of when a response will be received? The risk is that the enquiry would be repeated, leading to an avoidable contact.

It was particularly surprising to observe that, whilst 78% of responding authorities operate in conjunction with an associated, interactive web site, only a quarter have a target for responding to web enquiries.

Results showed that local government call centres are more focussed on day-to-day operational issues than establishing consistent service levels; key challenges include meeting the increasing customer demand, managing seasonal overload and training new staff

The full survey results are available at http://www.rostrvm.com/lgsurveyresults.


Rostrvm Solutions sponsors outbound planning

The Professional Planning forum is hosting an Outbound Planning Seminar later this month (26th February). We recognise the important part that campaign planning makes to overall business effectiveness so to support the forum’s aims in this area Rostrvm Solutions has sponsored the event.

To learn more about the seminar visit the Professional Planning Forum’s web site by clicking here.

You can also help by completing the Professional Planning Forum’s Outbound Benchmarking on-line survey. The survey can be accessed by clicking here.


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