January 2008

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·    Ofcom - Revised statement of policy on the persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service.

·    London Borough of Wandsworth deploys rostrvm call centre software to support Adult Social Services

·    Hints & Tips – release 7 includes a ‘Tip of the Day’ function.



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Ofcom and Silent Calls – revised policy

Revised statement of policy on the persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service. As you may be aware, last month Ofcom issued a consultation document related to call centres, predictive diallers and silent calls "Revised statement of policy on the persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service". This document suggests changes to the current statement of policy and requests feedback to the proposed changes.

The full document can be found at


The majority of the revisions provide clarifications to the current statement. We can confirm that Rostrvm Solutions' dialler conforms to both the current statement and the currently-proposed clarifications.

There are 2 new areas that may have impact on you if the statement comes into force as it is currently written.

Campaigns that use automated Answer Machine Detect may need to make allowance for 'false positives' within the silent call percentage. This proposed amendment has the potential to preclude use of Answer Machine Detect, and particularly on campaigns with a high answer machine connection rate (greater than 15%).

The use of unattended automated announcements that also allow the caller to interact ("Automated messages and outbound call steering") may be considered to be misuse. This may apply to all messages including those that might be regarded as in the recipient's interest; for example a message from a water company after repairing a supply failure such as "This is a message from rostrvm Water. We have reinstated your water supply and apologise for the inconvenience. If you are still having difficulties please press 1 on your phone to be connected to our call centre"

Interested parties have until the end of January to comment. Rostrvm Solutions will make comment before the consultation closes.

London Borough of Wandsworth - Adult Social Services.

When is a call centre not a call centre? Contact management is important to Adult Social Services, but this is not a call centre in the traditional sense. The objective isn't to plough through high volumes of calls as quickly as possible - the aim is to conduct interactions sensitively and to measure the outcome of all contacts ensuring that the supporting services are delivered effectively.

When the Council implemented its plan to refresh its call centre infrastructure, the Council was not looking to implement one central call centre, but required call centre technology with the ability to set up virtual call centres. This enables the Council's different business areas to administrate and set up their own call handling specific to their business needs whilst retaining the flexibility of a common technology platform.

With the 'virtual call centre' infrastructure in place the Council wanted to use this flexibility to support the new Access team. The challenge was to support the Access Officers, capture relevant case information effectively and deliver Management Information to both monitor current performance and support future planning.

The full case study is available on our web site by clicking here.

Hints & tips

ControlCentre7 - Tip of the Day. The latest rostrvm release includes a ‘Tip of the Day’ function.

Do you have a ‘Tip’ to share with other users? Send your ideas to us at ken.reid@rostrvm.com.

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