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·    Asia Risk uses Voice over IP to deliver flexible call centre services.

·    How will your call centre adapt to the demands of the consumer?

·    New customer stories

·    Hints & Tips – Did you know that rostrvm has an early warning system?

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VoIP enables all call centres

rostrvm first appeared in call centres  21 years ago. Back then sophisticated call centre facilities such as screen popping and CTI were the preserve of only the largest operations. But the advent of powerful, low-cost Voice over IP and support for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) means that call centres of all sizes can offer advanced functionality to their callers and customers.

Asia Risk Technologies uses rostrvm with VoIP to provide call centre services in Japan. “Our needs are unusual and challenging, both technically and commercially” commented Graham Clark, Chief Executive, Asia Risk Technologies. “Each of our customers places unique demands on our business; technically we need a call centre with functionality that can be changed quickly. The rostrvm Invex Voice-over-IP architecture is a perfect technology fit that we can adapt to each customer situation.”

Click here to read the Asia Risk case study in full.

Built from standards to meet your needs. The rostrvm Invex architecture combines off-the-shelf VoIP gateways with standard PCs to provide a technology infrastructure for an array of call centre applications such as inbound call handling, predictive dialling, screen pop and call scripts are delivered efficiently to the most appropriately-skilled person.

If you want to know more about rostrvm Invex and how it can add flexibility to your call centre then get in touch with your account manager or contact us.


Adapting to the changing consumer

Consumers are changing. In our view consumer preferences are changing and new communications technologies might need to come into play to adapt to your customer demands.  For example if consumers are more likely to increase the volume of transactions via your call centre alone, what affect will that have on the call centre agent workforce and your business operation costs?

Rostrvm Solutions continues to develop innovative technologies to help you manage your customer interactions.  Your contribution to this short tick box survey will give us a valuable insight into how our call centre clients are adapting their technology methods to meet the ever-changing consumer demands.

We are also conducting the same survey campaign with over 200 UK call centres and will publish the results in our September newsletter. Thank you in advance for the couple of minutes it takes to participate.

Click here to start the survey.

Nottinghamshire County Council selects rostrvm

Nottinghamshire County Council has selected the rostrvm Contact Centre application suite as the foundation of its new Customer Service Centre.

"A key aim of this project is to deploy a state-of-the-art technical solution to enable call handling to be efficiently distributed to advisors connected to the system", commented Councillor Mick Storey, Deputy Leader, Nottinghamshire County Council. "The system is flexible and to a high degree 'future-proofed' in that the Contact Centre element is capable not only of providing service on the Ericsson voice network currently implemented by Nottinghamshire County Council, but can continue to be used with any strategic change in technology that might be proposed by the council over the next five years."

Click here to read the full story.

Do you have a story to tell? If you would be happy to share your rostrvm experiences with our readers please let us know.

Hints & tips

The rostrvm early warning system….. the rostrvm software is constantly monitoring what’s happening and building a log of events that can be monitored via the log viewer and provides early warning of unusual events such as the server database getting  But frankly no-one spends their time looking at logs just in case. Wouldn’t it be nice if rostrvm could send you an email if errors have been identified? Even better wouldn’t it be great if the system sends a copy of the warning message to the rostrvm help desk? It can! This little-known facility is a standard from rostrvm version 6 onwards.


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