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·    New communications.. new business – more broadband users means more multimedia contact

·    Call centre regulation – the regulators act

·    Latest rostrvm software update available – inbound call handling gets Do-Not-Call features, reduce abandoned calls with extended QueueBack features

·    Hints & Tips – The rostrvm resource centre includes free planning tools.

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New communications … new business

The latest information from the Office of National Statistics shows “three out of four connections to the Internet are now via broadband”.

What does this mean for your call centre?

This means that a huge proportion of your customers regard electronic communication – email and internet – in the same way that they treat the telephone; it’s convenient and it’s always on. Moreover in many ways electronic communication is even more convenient than the telephone – no waiting in queues, no pushing buttons.

This change in consumer behaviour means that you should expect an ever-increasing volume of emails in your business and the best place to handle them is in your call centre.  rostrvm not only provides systems and supports processes to measure the operational and business benefits for your telephone-based call centres, but also extends these mechanisms for e-mails and Internet requests.

I’ve heard this all before! Where’s the evidence?

It’s true that the call centre industry has been talking about multimedia contact for many years; the first rostrvm multimedia routing system was launched way back in 1998. The clearest evidence that new communications and new technology is having a real impact comes from the newspaper business pages. For example recent business results from Next, the clothing retailer, demonstrate continued migration from bricks-and-mortar retailing – whilst high street sales increased by 0.8% internet and call centre sales advanced by 9.8%.

Are you making the most of meeting your customer demands?

It’s not just the business pages telling you about increased sales from multimedia channels, our customers are quoting a 25-fold increase in sales conversion rate by linking the web and the rostrvm-enabled call centre. 

Do you want to know how rostrvm can inspire your business to increase its revenue and reduce its cost?– email inspireme@rostrvm.com or call us on 01483 744500.

Call centre regulation

Ofcom imposes penalties, the Information Commissioner acts

Following last year’s investigation into the persistent misuse of electronic communications network(s) or service(s) Ofcom has imposed over £130,000 in financial penalties on 4 companies for “making an excessive amount of silent or abandoned calls”.

Whilst most call centres are aware of Ofcom’s guidance regarding the use of diallers, the Information Commissioner’s role is less well known.

In December the Information Commissioner issued enforcement notices against a number of organisations for “making unsolicited direct marketing calls to individuals who have registered on the TPS or asked not to be called.” 

The Information Commissioner issued “updated guidance on the sending of direct marketing messages by electronic means.” The guidelines cover telephone calls as well as faxes, emails and text messages.

The updated guidelines can be accessed via our useful links to the left.

The Information Commissioner’s guidelines are wide ranging but from a call centre perspective cover the opt-in and opt-out procedures you need to consider in all areas of customer contact such as maintenance of Do-Not-Call lists – not to be confused with Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

The latest rostrvm software has extended Do-Not-Call functionality to inbound call handling to support enterprise-wide Do-Not-Call number suppression. All customers with a current maintenance agreement are entitled to free upgraded software together with a free on-site review of your technology and operational processes to identify any potential compliance gaps.

Our compliance review service is also available free of charge to any UK call centre. To find out more simply contact us via email enquiries@rostrvm.com

rostrvm 6.1.1

rostrvm 6.1.1 is now available. This latest release includes a number of enhancements:

Extended ‘Do Not Call’ support

All organisations need to manage customer data carefully to maintain best practice and conform to regulatory guidelines. We have extended Do-Not-Call management to support inbound call agents in addition to outbound call centre agents. This extended facility is designed to support enterprise-wide Do-Not-Call number suppression.

Additional support for Aspect (Rockwell) Spectrum

The rostrvm CallManager CTI interface for the Aspect (Rockwell) Spectrum has been enhanced to support the latest version of the Spectrum’s Transaction Link.

rostrvm QueueBack captures voice messages

There are times when an automated transaction needs to include capturing ‘free-form’ information. For example, QueueBack allows a caller on an inbound queue, to record their name and then hang up but "maintain" their position in the queue. Once the caller has reached the head of the queue, generates a return call and passes this through to an available agent and plays the recorded details to the agent.

Upgrade your call centre

Enhanced software for each rostrvm component is available free-of-charge to users with a current maintenance contract. We are keen to ensure that all customers benefit from the latest rostrvm features. If you haven’t upgraded to release 6 then either contact us or expect a call soon!

Hints & tips

The Resource Centre at our web site www.rostrvm.com contains a number of tools to help you to plan your call centre activities including calculators for inbound and outbound call handling activities.

 Simply register at the site to access the tools. It’s free!

In addition to the calculator tools you will also find more useful tips and white papers.

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