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December 2004


Earlier this year we completed a comprehensive customer survey. We received lots of good feedback, but one message came out loud and clear – we are not keeping you fully up-to-date with new product features and functionality.  You also told us that your preferred method of getting this sort of information was via email.

So, as a direct result of your feedback we have created rostrvm News – an electronic newsletter that will be sent to our customers and user community via email every two months or so.

This first issue is largely focussed on some exciting new product developments, but we hope rostrvm News will develop into a more general forum for sharing ideas and information within the rostrvm user community.

As ever, we appreciate your views and feedback. Contact with any suggestions or comments.


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Promise 1

We will not bombard your email inbox. rostrvm News will appear no more than once a month.


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If you tell us that you don’t want to receive rostrvm News then we will stop sending it.


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rostrvm release 5

rostrvm 5 was launched during the summer and many of you are already benefiting from a range of new facilities and functions available across the rostrvm application suite. Here are some of the highlights.

Web-based Management Information

More and more business managers within your organisation want to know what’s happening in your call centre. rostrvm’s new web-based Management Information package makes call centre activity easily available to anyone with a browser. The web based Management Information is designed to deliver information to the people that need it in the most useful format:

§        Detailed operational information for team leaders, supervisors and call centre managers

§        Business outcomes for the wider management and client community

Design your own MIS displays

Following your feedback we have added a MIS design tool. The Web SuperVisor Designer will be fully available in the new year and allows you to tailor your MIS to exactly meet your needs:

§        Combine data from multiple sources to deliver the information that’s important to you

§        Perform arithmetic operations on the data to accommodate your metrics

§        Set thresholds on key targets to give you early warning of operational challenges

Personal “Wallboards”

Call Centre agents need to understand their aims and objectives and be provided with regular feedback. rostrvm personal wallboards provide regular on-screen feedback for both operational and business activity allowing each agent to be aware of their own performance in comparison with their peers.

New features for rostrvm OutBound

§        Redial Manager - a new tool for defining and managing powerful redial strategies.

§        Dialling List Manager - a sophisticated application for post-import list management

§        Shift patterns - extended to allow different campaign start/stop times on different days.

§        Maximum call attempts limit - campaigns can be configured with a call attempt limit that is independent of particular call outcomes.

§        Account expiry date – each account within a list may contain a date on or after which the account will no longer be considered for dialling.

§        Account preferred call times - accounts may be specified with a preferred earliest time for calling and/or a latest time for calling.

§        Campaign dialling filter - an advanced mechanism for filtering records at the point of dialling. 

Rapid CTI deployment with rostrvm Keys

rostrvm Keys is an optional component of the rostrvm AdVisor toolkit

It provides an environment to design screen-pop macros for inbound and automated outbound call centre campaigns – and you don’t need to be a programmer to use it!

You can CTI-enable applications in minutes reducing implementation costs and the involvement of your valuable IT resources.

The flexibility and business control provided by rostrvm Keys is already delivering real benefit to many customers.

Supporting your people with rostrvm CallGuide

rostrvm CallGuide is an add-on to rostrvm AdVisor. CallGuide provides guidance and support to your call centre agents through scripts and prompts.

Each guide is linked to a particular call type, ensuring that relevant information and prompts are displayed.

Prompts may include call and customer information.  In the example shown here, the agent’s name has been inserted directly into the prompt together with the relevant time-of-day greeting.

CallGuide supports call branching, with the next prompt changing based on the current selection and clipboard information.  

Business outcomes can be automatically generated by CallGuide and recorded as part of the call MIS for later reporting.  Prompting can also be use to record call activities such as measuring the success of champion/challenger objection handling.

Voice over IP – rostrvm Switchless Call Centre

In the past year Voice over IP (VoIP) has become a realistic option for call centre infrastructure.  The rostrvm Switchless architecture has been designed to leverage the advantages of VoIP without limiting call handing capability.

Like all great ideas the rostrvm Switchless Call Centre is based on a simple concept – we take off-the-shelf VoIP components and enable them to deliver advanced call centre functions. Normal routers and VoIP gateways are combined with the rostrvm application suite to provide sophisticated call centre capability at affordable prices.

rostrvm Invex Complete

rostrvm Invex Enhance


rostrvm Invex Complete is a scalable VoIP call centre solution.

The full capabilities of the rostrvm application suite are deployed without the need for traditional telephony platforms.

Invex Complete reduces infrastructure costs and makes sophisticated functionality viable in the smallest of call handling operations.


rostrvm Invex Enhance wraps around existing telephony platforms.

The full capabilities of the rostrvm application suite can be deployed on the most rudimentary of PBX and telephone systems.

Invex Enhance protects existing investment and extends the useful life of traditional PBXs whilst delivering sophisticated call centre functionality.

We use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as the mechanism for controlling and managing calls and contacts. SIP is inherently flexible and is the key to the rostrvm Switchless Call Centre which can be tailored to address specific needs.

Extending possibilities

Voice over IP is usually viewed as an alternative to traditional telephony systems. It is more than that; IP is the platform for new call centre possibilities. rostrvm Switchless call centre already delivers

§        the call centre without telephones

§        screen-pops without computers at the agent desktop

We are working with our customers to bring you call centre applications integrated to mobile telephones that support advanced presence, payment and collaboration functionality.

Our Switchless call centre architecture delivers all the rostrvm facilities and more whilst taking advantage of standard data infrastructures to eliminate the need for complex, expensive PBX and ACD hardware.

If you are expanding your call centre or you are planning the migration to Voice over IP, then rostrvm Switchless is the ideal call centre platform.

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Meet the team

The Rostrvm Solutions web site includes a ‘Resource Centre’ where you will find:

§        Further information about our products and services.

§        General information of interest to people who work in an around call centres.

§        Handy call centre calculators that can help you to plan projects.


Visit and register for free access to the Resource Centre.



Simon Wellings, Managing Director

Simon joined Rostrvm Solutions in 2002 from Rockwell First Point Contact where he was General Manager, Europe

“I joined Rostrvm because its one of the original pioneers of CTI and one of a handful of companies capable of meeting the complex integration needs of today's call centres.”

As well as piloting Rostrvm to new heights, Simon is a qualified aircraft pilot.

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