rostrvm contact centre software integrates easily with industry-leading CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Using rostrvm with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM will enhance the performance of your contact centre and improve customer service.

It provides easy access to the relevant customer data at the right time, regardless of the channel used.

rostrvm with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Rostrvm has worked with several clients to complete successful projects involving sophisticated, bi-directional integration with Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM. Capabilities range from screen pops based on customer phone numbers, email addresses etc., through to API integration to create new contacts, update existing records and so on.

Anything you can do in Salesforce and MS Dynamics can be driven by rostrvm.

We emphasise this, as integrating CRM with contact centre infrastructure shouldn’t be difficult but we’ve all heard horror stories about unsatisfactory, costly integrations elsewhere.

This is concerning, not least because having enterprise-grade integration of a CRM system with contact centre software will help you maintain competitive edge. It ensures you meet the individual expectations of customers who make contact via multiple channels and need fast, relevant answers. It brings together all the channels and data in a single view, to enable advisors to deliver efficient, joined-up customer service.

It’s no surprise that worldwide spending on customer experience and relationship management (CRM) software grew 15.6% to reach $48.2B in 2018.* Integrating a CRM with the power of next generation rostrvm offers a significant ROI and user benefits.

10 advantages of rostrvm contact centre software integrated with CRM

1. rostrvm offers enterprise-grade integration with CRM that is quick and easy to deploy.
2. Enjoy other rostrvm features such as omnichannel contact management.
3. Benefit from rostrvm’s capability to reduce queues of inbound traffic and use relevant data to route contact to the right person, based on your organisation’s rules, such as skills, availability etc. This will help improve First Call Resolution and customer satisfaction levels.
4. Inbound, the relevant information about an existing individual contact will pop up before the call is answered. This ensures the advisor has all the details to respond confidently and effectively. By having automated access to historical and real-time information, contact centres can better understand their customers and personalise their offering.
5. Interactions are recorded and added to the customer records, with automatic triggers of follow-up tasks for improved customer issue resolution.
6. Desktop optimisation with streamlined apps means no more flicking between different systems and screens. rostrvm uses data from multiple sources and devices to provide one unified view integrated with CRM. It improves productivity by reducing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks.
7. Use rostrvm and CRM for efficient outbound activities with structured, automated campaigns for sales, renewals, collections, appointments and reminders etc.
8. Reporting and analytics to manage contact centre and back office performance. Includes business outcome and real-time and historical management information, inbound and outbound, omnichannel.
9. Call and screen recording for people development, quality and compliance purposes.
10. Embeds best practice by ensuring consistency and a fast response across each channel.

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*Source: Louis Columbus, Forbes.