Woking (UK) – July 2009. The rostrvm call centre Management Information System (rostrvm SuperVisor) has been re-architected to deliver a feature-rich user experience by taking advantage of the latest database and web technologies.

Using AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology at the desktop delivers the features of a traditional ‘thick client’ application to a ‘thin client’ web browser environment. AJAX also reduces the network cost of delivering management information to an ever-increasing audience such as providing individual ‘Personal Wallboard’ information to all of the agents in a call centre.

Rostrvm Solutions has taken advantage of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to build the new Management Information system. GWT has supported cross-compilation of existing and newly-developed Java components into optimised JavaScript applications and widgets

Lindsay Brown, Technical Director, Rostrvm Solutions commented “The rostrvm system is designed from the ground up to support distributed call centres. Taking advantage of AJAX technology and the Google Web Toolkit in this development is a key element in the transition from distributed applications with plug-ins and large downloads (such as Java) to ‘pure’ browser applications.”

Brown continued “Reducing plug-ins and downloads is particularly important in distributed, hosted and security-conscious call centres.”